Did WrestleMania 33 Suck?

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Have you ever watched a football game and see your team dominate in the first have and going into half-time you’re riding high and feeling good?  Well WrestleMania 33 was very much the same way.  The first half of the show (well probably 3 quarters but I’m counting the shitty Pitbull concert as “half-time”) was nearly flawless.  The matches were well crafted and fun to watch, literally my friends, my son, and me were having a great time, we were engaged, we were watching and it was fun.  Also, a quick look at Twitter and Facebook and I think the rest of the WWE Universe felt the same way.

Just some of the highlights were AJ vs Shane, The Cruiserweight match (though that was on the kick-off), the Women’s match, Kevin Owens and Jericho had a great match, and oh yeah little known team known as the Hardy Boys came back to the WWE to win the Raw Tag Titles in just an awesome ladder match.

All in all this Mania was shaping up to be an all-time great, then Pitbull came on and that was the turn.  It didn’t start out as bad, Triple H and Seth Rollins turned in a pretty good match with a nice back and forth of Pedigree reversals, but the Smackdown Woman’s match seemed very rushed and wasn’t very good which is a shame because those women deserved better, the Goldberg and Brock match had some decent spots but didn’t really get me too excited (maybe because I don’t care about either) and when Brock finally won all I could think was great, a Champ who isn’t going to be seen for a couple of months, also that helps the whole prediction of Roman vs Brock at Mania next year (because that’s what we need Roman in the last Match of 4 straight Manias), the WWE title match seemed to also be shorten and shit on by the powers that be because it was weird (though at first felt unique) but the ending felt rushed and it fell flat with Randy going over which is what we expected but I think a lot of people were hoping for Bray to retain.  Also when the match ended it wasn’t expected and in my house we were all like “it’s over?” we expected it to go a bit more, Bray just has a curse of getting short changed at Mania.

And now we come to the Main Event (which I feel should always be the Rumble winner going for the WWE Title) and the ending was expected, none of us wanted it but we knew that Roman Reigns was going to win.  The only highlight of this match was good ole’ JR coming and being the  pro that he’s always been, and calling a great match just days after his wife past away.  When Roman came out he was nearly booed out of the building and you would think that this would force Vince to call an audible, either have Reigns go heel or let the Undertaker retire with the win.  Neither happened unfortunately and Reigns went over and the absolute worst happened, and that was the crowd had no reaction, no cheers, no boos, and not stunned silence like when Brock broke the streak, it was just disappointment by the crowd.  It cracks me up that Vince’s motto for Mania has always been “send them home happy” though the last two years he’s sent us home with Reigns being the winner at the end of Mania, trying to force him on the crowd has not worked the last three years and it will continue not to work.

Overall  I really like this Mania and  in spite the last couple of matches it was a lot of fun so I’d give this Mania an 7.5 out of 10, the first half or so were great and a lot of fun, but Mania ran long and there was very little to be excited about after 10:30 and I just wanted to go to bed, I felt bad for the people in attendance since it didn’t end until after midnight and they still had to get out of the stadium and parking lot (there were over 75,000 people there) so I imagine most people didn’t get back to their hotels until after 2 am.

So what did you think about this Mania?  Let us know in the comments below.

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