What If? AJ Styles VS ??? At Mania

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A Crazy little Wrestling booking theory by me.


I just want to start this out by saying I HATED How the AJ Styles/Dean Ambrose Match ended with interference by James Ellsworth. I said it last night on Twitter that it was Unoriginal, Uneccessary, predictable, Cliché and  down right stupid. It ruined and otherwise fantastic match. But after sleeping off the anger and thinking about it, I still hate it BUT I got to thinking maybe there was some reasonable purpose to that poorly executed heel turn. Come with me as a weave a little booking tapestry.

Ok let’s start with the given, AJ is still the “Champ that Runs the Camp”. Ambrose was screwed over by his little buddy Ellsworth (Dean, you gotta pick your friends a little better, because they tend to turn on you). The only reason to really have someone turn on an ally is to have the two individuals feud. My thinking is they wanted to end the feud with Styles to free up AJ for something else. Having Ellsworth cost Ambrose the title is a pretty sure fire way to shift Dean elsewhere. In spite of there not being a bunch of main event guys on Smackdown currently, aka the WWE’s non-use of Dolph Ziggler and John Cena filming and becoming the new Rock, the WWE has seemingly opened up a main event slot for some reason.

Here’s where I start my theory. Remember this is all just speculation, I have no way of knowing if this would be the plan BUT it would be awesome. Much like everyone else on the internet, I’m hoping beyond hope that HBK has got one more left in him (but I doubt it) and faces AJ at the Rumble. But I submit for your approval this man:


For years now, Taker has said behind the scenes that this WrestleMania would be his last, but every year he’s comeback and put on some awesome matches. With his Pre-Survivor Series appearance on SmackDown Live! We here at Clash of the Nerds are of the opinion that this could very well be his “Farewell Tour” Culminating at Mania. But what if this is the case and he retires after a title match with the “Phenomenal One”?

Josh and I whenever we get on the subject of Taker’s eventual retirement always like to speculate who it should be. Like the rest of the internet we’d love it to be Sting. I know I’d love it to be the Demon Finn Balor. But we usually agree that it should be someone that Taker wants to put over and should be the future of the company.

If you think about it, who better on the current roster than AJ Styles for that final feud? The Phenom vs The Phenomenal One! Much like the likes of Michaels, Angle, Jericho and Hart, you can put AJ in a match with a mop and it would steal the show (Ziggler too).

So we start with SmackDown (which would be tomorrow night as of writing this) Styles will gloat, Ellsworth will give some half-assed excuse as to why he screwed Dean, blah, blah, blah, same old sh*t. Later on in the show there’d be some sort of segment with Styles talking about how no one is on his level and there’s no one that could beat him. Then the Bells Gong, Lights go out, Taker appears. Here it could go one of two ways, the show would end with a staredown (I personally like this one) or Taker gets on the Mic and announces he’ll be in the Rumble and Styles should watch his ass.

Fast forward to the Rumble, Brock and Goldberg eliminate each other, Taker is in and wins. Taker being a Smackdown guy chooses to go for the World Title, now we’ve got a slobber knocker in the making. Mania rolls around and we have one of the best matches out of the Undertaker in years ( which is saying a lot since we’ve seen him take on the likes of  Shane, Bray, Brock, HHH, CM Punk, and HBK in his last 7 appearances) and Taker wins the title. Now this last bit is not of my own creation, but an old co-worker of mine told me about this and I always thought this would be such a cool way to end The Undertaker’s Career that I’ll be disappointed if he’s just like “Thanks guys, I’m out”. So the Undertaker wins, shakes Styles’s hand before he dips out so Taker can have his moment. Audience is chanting things like “Thank You” and the dreaded “This is Awesome!” Chant. Among all of the fanfare, the blue lights go on, taker hits his kneeling pose and raises the belt. Then the lights go out and the music stops. Lights come back on. The Undertaker is gone from the right and all that remains is the WWE Title belt in the middle of the ring. That’s a send off in true Undertaker fashion and he’d get to retire as champ.

Like I said before, this is just a theory. But it would be a great end to the Undertaker’s career. If it ends up going in this direction, obviously some details would change, and obviously I’ve left out a lot, but if the WWE does go this route, I will go ahead and thank James Ellsworth for his sacrifice, because Dean Ambrose is going to Whip his ASS on Tuesday.

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