Daniel Bryan’s Latest WWE Status

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Rumors are swirling around “injured” WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan and him being cleared by doctors to return to the ring.  A host of non-WWE doctors have cleared Bryan but WWE doctors still have not and therefore Vince McMahon won’t let Bryan wrestle.

Being reported by wrestlingnews.co is that the WWE has offered Bryan a host of other WWE jobs since he’s under contract for another 2-3 years.  No word on what these jobs could be, but as far as anything TV wise, I’d assume it would be commentary or RAW GM, probably not manager since Bryan has never really been that big of a mouth piece.

I have a theory about all of this though.  Vince has never considered Bryan to be a top star in spite of how over he is with the fans.  Vince hates the “YES” chants and pretty much anything that has put Bryan over.  My theory is, what if WWE doctors haven’t cleared Bryan because Vince doesn’t want them to.

No matter how hard Vince tried during the “YES” movement to bury Bryan (even had him in cover-alls and joining the Wyatts) he just couldn’t bury Bryan.  In fact every time he tried to bury him the fans just cheered louder.  The last two Royal Rumbles being key.  Two years ago Bryan wasn’t even in the Rumble and the fans booed Rey Mysterio entering in at 30 and booed Batista’s win.  Then it reached it’s pinnacle with Roman Reigns winning the Rumble over Bryan and being booed so loud the WWE sent the Rock out to squelch them and the fans booed the Rock.  Let that sink in, Bryan is so over a stadium full of WWE fans booed the Rock.

So what better way to bury Bryan than to keep him out of the ring all together in the name of “safety” and “injury”.  So that’s my no-so off the wall conspiracy as to why the WWE won’t clear Daniel Bryan for action.  It’s a shame really, with AJ Styles and other really good wrestlers coming to the WWE I’d love to see Bryan take on some of them.

So dear reader, let us know what you think about this whole situation, does  my conspiracy theory ring true for you?  Let us know in the comments below.

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