Why It’s So Hard for the FBI to Hack the iPhone

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Yesterday we published our thoughts on Apple vs the FBI (you can find that here) and today we figure we’d share with you why it’s so hard for the FBI to break into this iPhone.

Kyle Hill, the Science Editor over at Nerdist.com, broke it down in a video on their site which I urge to you watch by clicking the link, but in case you don’t want to sit through all the science or if you just don’t understand it I’ll break down the security features of your iPhone 5 and 6’s.

As you probably know after 10 failed attempts to log into an iPhone the phone will wipe all of your personal information from the phone to protect you, and since a 4 digit numeric password has around 10,000 combinations, 6 digits over a million combinations, so you’d better be good at guessing.

There are also ways to brute force attack a phone where a computer sends all the passwords combinations at once.  However, the iPhone has a protection against this as well to where it will slow the phone down.  With the 4 digits it would take 13 hours, 6 digits 22 hours, but if you did 6 digits that were alpha-numeric it would take the computer 5 years to crack your phone, so even with Apple’s help it would still be a long time before this phone was cracked.

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Apple has shown with this case they take their customer’s security seriously (as I hope other cell phone makers do as well) and like I said yesterday they’re not taking their refusal of the Federal Judge’s mandate lightly.  Their refusal is to protect all iPhone users everywhere from anyone who would try and break into their phone.  After all this isn’t the Dark Knight and we don’t have Lucious Fox at the controls.

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