Recapping the Google Event

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Yesterday was the big Google Event, though not as hyped as the Apple Event earlier this fall I would say it definitely delivered more in entertainment value (that Apple Event was boring) and as well as products.  This isn’t so much a knock on Apple (with the exception it being boring) but there was really nothing ground breaking or exciting from Apple.  On the flip side Google delivered a lot of new and useful products for them to really break into the tech market outside of their Nexus phones.

Other than their new Pixel phone (not just a new Nexus), Google also brought us a new 4K Chromcast Ultra, Google Home, Daydream View (VR), and what I’m most excited about Google WiFi.

First up the new Chromecast Ultra which at $70 will be the cheapest 4K streaming device and will be 1.8 times faster than its predecessor. The Ultra will his store shelves next month.

Google not only will have the cheapest 4K streaming device but will also have the cheapest VR Headset with the Daydream View. Coming in at $80 it’s the least expensive of the mass market VR headsets will also be one of the lightest since it forgoes a lot of plastic with a very nice looking and breathable micro fiber headset to make it just as comfortable for you to wear.   Daydream will also come with a remote to easily navigate apps and games and also Google is partnering with YouTube, Netflix, HBO and Hulu to make your television viewing immersive.

Google Home looks to be their version of the Amazon Echo which is basically a home assistant that can play your music, search for news and weather, update your calendar among other things.  What makes Google Home different from the Echo are that Home is more attractive with changeable bases and being google it can tap into the rest of your google echo system, not to mention will work with things like Nest, your smart TV and Netflix with Google promising more apps to come.

Google WiFi will be Google’s Wifi extenders to boast your signal throughout your house where you can buy them on their own for $120 or a three pack for $300 and can easily set up using an app on your phone.  Also a bonus feature of the app is the ability to turn off the wifi in case your kids aren’t finishing their homework or during dinner time, as a dad I love this, not just for those practical reasons but just to mess with my son by shutting off his wifi while he’s playing Xbox Live.  Also on another personal level WiFi in my house (thanks Fios) is pretty good, however it can be spotty in my basement (I’m sure many of you can relate) so I’ve been in the market for an extender, I’ll be comparing this to some other extenders and I’ll let you all know which I go with and why.

And of course like most of these events the main event is the reveal of a new phone and Google is no different with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL both of which come with the same specs so if you want a powerful phone you don’t have to go large if you don’t want to, both come with a Snapdragon 821 processors and 12.3-Megapixel cameras. The cameras promise “no shutter lag” and promise to help users take great photos with a special HDR+ mode.

With the phone  you get unlimited Google Cloud storage so with the built in Google Photos all your photos are stored in the cloud, without any need to remove images that might take up too much space so there is no “should I or shouldn’t I delete this photo”.

The phone is exclusive to Verizon (which is fucking stupid in this day and age to have an exclusive phone) but you can buy an ulocked one from Google starting at $650 for the 5.5 inch 32 gig phone.

So that’s our wrap up on the Google even, it was much more fun that the Apple Event and had some nice tech items in there that I really want to get my hands on.  So what did you think loyal reader?  Did you catch the event?  Let us know in comments below.  Also don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


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