Recap of the Apple Event

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Yesterday the tech world stopped in its tracks from 1pm to 3pm yesterday while Apple held its annual September event.

Yesterday we covered each of the tech items that Apple unveiled, Apple Watch, iPad Pro, Apple TV, and of course the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

I’ll admit I was a bit underwhelmed by it.  There was no really big splash here, and like a lot of the time the pre-Event speculation got a lot of our hopes up for something grander than what we actually got.

Some of the upgrades to the Apple Watch like Apple Pay, Facebook messenger, and GoPro are impressive, but I still think smart-watches are a bit of a fad, and of all the tech people I know very few of them have actually bought one, and I’m a watch collector, I love them, but for me, I’d rather have an analog watch that will last a decade than a smart-watch, that like most cellphones, will probably only be viable for a couple of years.

The Apple TV ($149 32 gigs and $199 64 gigs) saw some pretty nice upgrades to it, like Siri and the Glass Surface Touch remote are all cool features that will probably get the folks who own an Apple TV already to upgrade.  However, and this isn’t Apple’s fault at all, but the pre-Event hype for the new Apple TV got a lot of folks hopes up.  For instance with reports of Apple snatching up one of Microsoft’s Hololense techs a lot of people thought that maybe the new Apple TV would incorporate AR in it for TV viewing as well as gaming.

And speaking of gaming, there was a sect (though I wasn’t one of them) in the tech community that thought the new Apple TV would be more of a hard core gaming console, somewhere between Nintendo’s Wii U and a PS4.  This isn’t the case however.  Now they did say Guitar Hero was coming to Apple TV but they didn’t show it off, what they did show off was Crossy Roads, an IOS mobile game that you can now play on your Apple TV, and Beat Sport by Harmonix (the same folks who make Rockband which is absent from Apple TV).  So this got me thinking about Guitar Hero for Apple TV, is it going to be the full version like we’ll get on Xbox One and PS4 later this year or a dumbed down mobile version?

For me the winner of the show was the iPad Pro.  This was by far the biggest innovation to any of Apple’s existing products.  They’re giving us a bigger screen, multi-tasking (finally), an Apple made tactical keyboard (again, finally, $169) and the very nifty Apple Pencil ($99).

ipad pro

The iPad Pro boasts the new A9-X 64 bit chip, with twice the memory and 1.8 times faster than its predecessors and will have 5.6 million pixels on the 12.9 inch diagonal screen.  The new Pro will also offer Microsoft Office which utilizes the Pencil and the multi-tasking seamlessly along with Adobe as well.

In my opinion the Microsoft Surface Pro was the king of tablets when it came down to doing real work on a tablet, but the iPad Pro will give it a serious run for its money when it gets released.  The only thing I can see holding it back is the price, $799 for 32 gigs and $949 for 128 gigs, but Apple fans have always paid a little more for their computing needs so the price might not be as big of a deal.

Now, of course, we come to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.  Some were hoping for a full new iPhone 7 but most of knew that wasn’t coming until next year.  Like previous S models this was an upgrade to last year’s phone with the new rose gold aluminum finish, and a 2nd Gen Touch ID.

However, the 3D touch is a fantastic upgrade, the 12 megapixel camera with 4k video recording is something you’d think they’d save for the iPhone 7 but brought it out for the S, along with what seems like a no brainer for all phones, using the screen as a flash for the front facing camera makes the 6s feel like more of an upgrade than previous S models, and has me thinking about switching to an iPhone in November when I’m due for an upgrade.  You can preorder your new iPhone starting Saturday.

One last thing about the Event, is that Apple needs to find themselves a better spokesman.  It’s impossible to replace Steve Jobs when it comes to ideas and more importantly as a showman.  No matter what he was showing at those events I was captivated, and the folks onstage for Apple yesterday (even when they were talking about something exciting) bored me.

What did you think of the Apple Event yesterday?  Were you a little disappointed like us, did you expect more innovation than what we got, or were you blown away?  Are you going to wait inline outside the Apple Store to preorder your iPhone 6s on Saturday?  Let us know in the comments below.

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