My Thoughts on Apple vs The FBI

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By now I’m sure the majority of you have read or heard about the FBI asking for assistance from Apple to hack into the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters to get information in order to help with their investigation.

Here’s a brief description (one you’ve probably heard before) the FBI needs help hacking into the shooters’ phone so they asked Apple for help, Apple said “no”, so the FBI got a Federal Judge to order Apple to do so, and Apple yet again refused.


On the surface this looks cut and dry, Apple created the iPhone and therefore they are equipped to get into the phone and are just being dicks.  At least that’s the narrative that people believe.  Here’s the thing, it’s not true.

Apple created security measures to protect people’s privacy with their phones if they were ever lost or stolen.  In fact Apple doesn’t even have a way to hack into your phone, that’s how secure they made it.

In order for Apple to actually hack into the phone they’d have to create a program in order to do that, which they could but they don’t want to because they’re afraid of what would happen with this program if it fell into the wrong hands, and let’s face it, it would eventually.  Not to mention, the NSA and Homeland Security doing some shady surveillance on their own citizens, the US government isn’t the most trustworthy with something like this.

If Apple could just access this phone on their own then I would probably side with the Federal Government here, but it’s not that simple and like I said above it would take Apple to create a program to do such a thing and that could open Pandora’s Box to hackers.

So in the end, the risk vs reward is probably not worth it.  Chances are what the FBI would learn from this shooter’s (and probably lone wolf and not apart of a terror cell) phone would not be worth risking the probably billion of iPhone users across the world.

That’s just my opinion dear reader, what do you think about this issue?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Exactly!
    And this was his work phone. He destroyed the other ones.
    The whole thing is a ruse by the Govt to gain this type of access to iOS.
    There was a flaw in the version of the OS that is on Farook’s 5C. The flaw allows for Apple to push an update to the OS without the physical consent of the user. All apple has to do is create an updated version of the OS currently on the phone, sign the OS, then push it to the phone. The issue is that once this OS is created and signed, it is only a matter of time before it is seized by the NSA, etc under the guise of protecting National Security.

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