Kojima to Start His Own Studio

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Hideo Kojima, who, according to Konami has been “on vacation” since he finished work on Metal Gear Solid 5, (or what is more appropriate told he was done with his work on Metal Gear Solid 5, since there was a completely unfinished chapter on the game disc) has now apparently begun the ground work on starting his own studio, according to a report by Nikkei.

No one is sure when Kojima left or was fired from Konami, but most reports say he had a non-compete clause in his contract and that it would expire in December.  Well it’s December and the speculation has begun.

There are rumors that Kojima has talked to Sony about making a game for the company (though it doesn’t say if that would be a PS4 or Vita game), and those rumors of course have now gotten out of hand as to people think Kojima wants to go to work for Sony or have his new Studio on the Sony  umbrella.

Of course these are only rumors and the original one said Kojima wanted to make a game for Sony, not work for Sony.  Kojima is an artist and doesn’t like to compromise on his vision so I think for him having his own autonomous studio is ideal for him (especially after what went down at Konami with Metal Gear) so him going to work for another big company that could tell him what to do wouldn’t be ideal.  Though his studio starting out with exclusives for one console or another makes sense since his studio will start out small and then have to grow, and porting games can be expensive.


As avid readers and our podcast patrons know, I’m a huge Metal Gear fan, and I love most of what Kojima did with that series, but outside of Metal Gear he hasn’t really hit anything out of the park.

Zone of Enders looked pretty but was highly underwhelming in every other category (which admit it, 99% of us bought that game for the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo), he tried to remake Castlevania and that game out to mixed reviews, then there is Lunar Knights, an RPG for the Nintendo DS, which honestly I had never heard of until today, but it has a metacritic score of 83% so that’s pretty good.

And of course we have P.T. which we would later find out was a playable trailer for the new Silent Hills game, which he and Guillermo Del Torro were working on and was scary as hell but we’ll never know just how good that game could have been.

What I’m getting at here is that Kojima, outside of Metal Gear, hasn’t had too many hits, so I eagerly await his next game, and I hope, story wise, it’s in his wheel house, which seems to be espionage, but no matter what he tries to take on I think a gaming world with Hideo Kojima making games is a good one.

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