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Well here it is, my first Toy Review. In honor of a name that Josh and I refer to ourselves quite often, I dub this article “the Man Child”. This is where I and Josh should he decide to stray away from video games and general nerdy news, will review the “physical artifacts” of our nerdiness. Today I will be reviewing this little gem right here:


Thats right kids, after 20 years of waiting, they finally make proper Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie figures. This is literally a toy I have wanted for 20+ years, I just didn’t realize it for about 17 of them. The figure stands at 5″ tall. This is bigger than most super hero figures today but smaller than the original MMPR toys.

The amount of detail is very impressive. This one actually looks like the armored White Ranger from the movie as opposed to the original “Movie Edition” figure that came out the time of the movie. The original figures were almost identical to the flip head figure except painted metallic and lacked the morphing ability.


New vs Old
New vs Old


Aside from the detail, the new figure has several points of articulation. Not quite as many as one of the Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts figures but enough for me to call it “Super Posable” (do they even call them that anymore?)

This is Mine!
This is Mine!

The Verdict:

Get It!

If you are  a Big fan of Power Rangers Like myself and have been picking up all of the 20th anniversary Legacy Toys, this line is not one to sleep on. I’m not going to lie, after receiving this in the mail, and seeing the quality, I’m debating on getting the rest of them. Damn it, I can feel my money evaporating.


Sweet Chin Music! Outta Nowhere!
Sweet Chin Music! Outta Nowhere!

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