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Star Trek: Today. (YES!!)

or..Star Trek (For the next generation – LITERALLY – it’s been over 10 years – series timeline found below)

My Reaction Timeline:

Pre Discovery, first reaction to The Orville

(scroll down to skip the ramble and go to my current thoughts and links with easter eggs. Disclaimer: I only have a casual POV. So in the meantime…)

Make it so Seth MacFarlane!

Come on Discovery!

Aside from the unfortunate acronym ‘ST:D’ (get checked: end of PSA) and The Orville being seen as a series version of Galaxy Quest, I’m personally excited/anxious about having not one but 2 Star Trek series in my adulthood. Now I never really saw The Original Series, I grew up on Next Generation. And my series rankings are ST:NG, ST:Voy, DS9, and the rest. And this year I managed to meet (read photo-op) with Wesley Crusher aka Wil Wheaton (table top god) and Deanna Troi and Worf.

Now I’ve read some reviews and some comments on Facebook related to how Discovery predates the series we grew up with and how it’s promotes diversity. Unfortunately, that is interpreted by lifelong fans as ‘shoving it down our throats, we know what Star Trek is.’ I can understand the frustration they are hungry for more Star Trek but don’t care for social commentary. I get why promotional interviews lean in this direction: get. More. Star. Trek. Fans.

The Orville: I saw the first two episodes of Orville and then read reviews after my first episode. I can’t disagree about the whole cosplaying Star Trek feel. But when I saw the first episode I enjoyed it. Seth MacFarlane is a well know fan ( ) and ( The second episode was okay. I look forward to more.
As for Discovery, they had a huge premiere and even reassurance from Number #1 himself that fans need not fear.
I look forward to a new series 12 years after Enterprise.

**I just saw the 3rd episode of The Orville. Seth MacFarlane went there..and handled the story like a Trek fan and would make his predecessors proud.

ST Series timeline, thanks wiki

After Sunday broadcast (though some viewers may have missed parts due to 60 minutes):

I’ve seen the first episode, because that’s all we are allowed since its going to streaming only which is extra. Many fans will be discouraged from watching it because of this. But as we all know with Game of Thrones (one of the most pirated shows) there’s more than one way to watch a show. (Not that I’m advocating..just saying[of course ST:D has been pirated])

So why why why do we have to subscribe again?..well it shows who wants something badly enough – even though it’s also being pirated. An annoying gauge, but another method of measurement. Yes I will probably subscribe..when is the question…

My take: I’m happy to have Star Trek back in my life. At heart, I like Star Trek over Star Wars because it’s a journey versus a war. (Which is life; the struggle – the episodic feel.) Star Trek also came first. It also comparing two mediums: network television versus movies (but SW has an animated series with Clone Wars and probably another I haven’t seen).

(Thankfully other reviews are in and we are more or less in agreement) After Discovery’s first episode I feel like this is the ST Universe way of getting more fans because of the sweeping movie feel. The Orville is lighter (it’s Seth McFarlane) with the humor and pop culture references. But has serious tones (Alien crewmen single sex pair with a child..) This feels like a nice balance, in terms of understanding this world. ST has always been cerebral to me (My favorites being Picard, Janeway and Sisko) because it was always about tolerance of other cultures, humanitarian efforts and serving as a moderator. ST was also more “submarine warfare” than sweeping battles. (Maybe it takes two iterations of Star Trek to be understood to non-fans?) Will Riker AKA Jonathan Frakes aka Number 1 of ST:NG gave his seal of approval, so this generation of Star Trek is in good hands I think.

Lighter Orville balances out the more serious Discovery I think. And I applaud.

Beam me up!

Easter eggs found in The Orville”:

Easter eggs found in Star Trek: Discovery:

Honest Trailers trip down memory lane with Star Trek The Next Generation:

Alright, nerds, thank you for getting this far in my post (that was a circle or two). Hope you enjoyed reading my.02


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