Fallout 4: The Review

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Oh boy, oh boy, where do I begin with this review?  Fallout 4 is one massive game and like it’s predecessor it encourages a lot of exploring with so many side quests it’s easy to forget which quest is a side quest and which is for your main story.

I know how Fallout fans are (since you know, I’m one of them) so this is going to be as spoiler free as I can make.  One of the cool things about this Fallout 4 is you play as a character who lived during the Great War and before the bombs actually dropped.  We’ve of course seen glimpses of this in other Fallout games but have never actually, as the player, played in the year 2077.

Here we meet our wife, our son, Shaun, and our robot butler Cogsworth and our morning is interrupted by an annoying Vault Tech employee who informs us of our accepted entry into Valut 111.  Right after this the alarm sounds and it’s a race to the Vault before the Nukes go off.

This is where I’ll leave the story details, but needless to say the game is full of exploration as you are on a quest to find something.  Along the way you meet many people, some good, some bad, and of course the ghouls, super mutants, and mutated beats, like bears, moles, and bugs.

If you’ve played Bethesda’s last few games, Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 3, than you’ll be right at home with this game.  In face, Fallout 4 feels more like Skyrim than Fallout 3, and that’s not really a bad thing.  I felt with Skyrim Bethesda took the next step with their controls and layout of the game in general.  And like Skyrim and New Vegas, you have the ability to craft weapons and armor, which helps out a great deal.

This game takes place in the Boston area, and the very famous Fennway Park serves as Diamond City.  The Boston area is key to some of the people you come across as there is a colonial American feel to some of them which is pretty cool and unique.  The story is fantastic, and again it encourages exploration and discovery.  You have the choice of just going on your main quest or you can take the many side quests thrown at you as well.  Like any RPG game, the side quests will lead you to new power-ups, weapons, and possibly companions who will assist you.

Returning to the game are everyone’s favorite V.A.T.S system.  For me it feels the V.A.T.S works that much better in the new generation of consoles.  It feels more precise and works faster.  What is gone is the karma system, but certain things you say or do not only gets noticed by whom you are talking to, but also by those around you, so be careful what you say or do.

So you must be thinking, “All you’ve said has been good things, there must be some bad, right?”  And yes there are a few things that I’m not a fan of in this game.

First off there seems to be some glitches,  there was nothing game breaking on my play thru, but I have heard of some.  Mine were just a few minor ones, like the floating animals, and characters falling through the ground after being killed.

Outside of the glitches, I’ve always had a problem with aiming in Fallout, sure you have the V.A.T.S but sometimes you need to fire quickly and can’t use the V.A.T.S or you’re out of AP and waiting for that to refill.  I really with Bethesda would work on this for future games.  Their aiming system works for Elder Scrolls with bow and arrows, but not very accurate while using firearms, especially ones with recoil.

One complaint I’ve heard from a few friends who are Fallout newbies and are hopping on the hype train for this edition is the radar.  Now since I’ve been playing Bethesda games for a while, the radar system they use (which is just a line at the bottom of the screen that changes depending on what direction you’re viewing) but I can see where someone used to a game like Halo or Metal Gear could get confused since those games use a more traditional radar system.

I’ve heard some complaints about the graphics (and yes, again these are mostly from folks who haven’t played a Bethesda game before) and I’ve had to tell people this is the way Bethesda is.  They don’t go for hyper realistic graphics like say, Metal Gear, but their art style of a pseudo realistic slash 50’s-60’s area art-decco is fantastic and fits their world.

Final Verdict:  In spite of some of the complaints, this game is overall a fantastic game.  I found myself playing on longer binges for this Fallout than the previous other games and given the story and your interaction with other NPCs I find myself more immersed and engaged in the game.  The graphics looks stunning and the game play is fun and engaging.  Minor glitches and aiming aside this game is indeed a great successor to Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and I’m giving it a 9 out of 10.

Fallout 4 is out now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation.

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