Agents, Evos, and Everything Between

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All Marvel characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 2013 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
All Marvel characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 2013 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

It’s Friday folks, besides getting your anime fix on “Friday Anime” It’s time once again to talk about Agents and Evos. Now I do have to apologize for the Heroes Reborn fans out there, as of writing this, I am still one episode behind just because when playing fantasy football, sometimes you gotta make a choice and since NBC put the show on Thursday, my schedule is all screwed up for these 2 shows. I will try to get caught up as soon as possible, but for now in this article I will be ranting and raving about last Thursday’s episode.

Speaking of Heroes Reborn, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HATE the character Joanne! Joanne is the wife of Zach Levi’s Character Luke. Joanne is a friggin Sociopath and after the first 10 minutes of this episode, my only reaction was to scream out “That F**KING B*TCH NEEDS TO F**KING DIE RIGHT F*CKING NOW!” and I almost stopped watching the show all together. Ok yes she killed a man in cold blood and enjoyed it way too much, I get that part of the story. Luke is having a crisis of conscious due to his developing “Human Torch” powers, cliché but I get that too. But G*D DAMNIT, the show just had to have the family dog come out and lie next to his master and start crying!!!!!! F*CK YOU JOANNE!!!! F*CK YOU HEROES! F*CK YOU NBC!!! Don’t ever hit me in the feels like that again, cause obviously I can’t take that kind of sadness. (did I mention F*ck you Joanne and NBC?) Oh and F*CK YOU “CHUCK” FOR BEING TOO P*SSY TO TAKE THAT CRAZY B*TCH OUT, cause I’d have fried if I had your developing powers.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the root of the problem with Heroes Reborn. Now that we’re 3 episodes in (4 if you were able to watch last night’s episode) We see the direction that the show is going. Heroes Reborn is trying SO HARD to recapture the magic of the first season that parts of it feel directly rehashed from the first season but without ANY of the characters or charisma. On top of that, they are doing this main story arch that feels just like it was ripped from X-Men. Here’s the thing about X-Men style stories, they really only work with X-Men. That’s like if Marvel Studios tried to do the Death of Superman with Marvel equivalent characters. The saving grace for me is the side stories like Miko’s, Tommy’s and Carlos’s. Those stories actually capture the spirit of the original show. Even Luke’s story I feel is going to get better now that his crazy murderous b*tch of wife is seemingly gone.

Another problem I have with Heroes Reborn is that even though the were able to get some of the original cast back, it’s taking so freaking long to bring them into the fold. As of writing this, I haven’t seen the latest episode, but saw a screenshot that shows me that Hiro has finally shown up. But how long do I have to wait? This a mini-series with 13 episodes. That’s only 1 more episode than last season’s 24 mini-series. I sincerely hope that it gets better, because I was a big fan of the original series. Heroes was ahead of its time and suffered from bad luck. I won’t say bad writing was its downfall mainly because Heroes 2nd and 3rd season just came around the time of the writer’s strike. I feel that IF the rest of the mini series knocks it out of the park, I think it could get a second life. but the fact that it’s on Thursday opposite football is already a bad sign. NBC thankfully is not as bad as Fox when it comes to shows, but the comic book genre is getting a little long in the tooth for general audiences. Heroes I personally think would work better as a Netflix series like Daredevil. But if it gets a 2nd chance (Even on NBC Thursdays) at least it’s better than that G*D AWFUL show Gotham. I seriously don’t understand how anyone likes that show.

Now on to the Agents of SHIELD. Now I do like this show, but like Heroes, I’ve got problems with this show too. This show has got a padding problem. Agents of SHIELD has likable characters and usually has got a decent storyline. But only half of the episodes are actually good. I blame this on the fact that they are on network television. Now I do realize that not everything can be a “Hard R” and not everything can be a “Netflix Exclusive show” But Damn it! Daredevil showed everyone (including myself) how good a show can be, and I’m not even a fan of the Character Daredevil. I am more of a fan now because of that show. Agents of SHIELD is seemingly dipping into it’s infamous “Sh*t Zone” with this week’s episode.

I am not a fan of Shield taking on organizations that are not supposed to be bad guys! I’m not a fan of Shield Taking on Ward. I’m not a fan of the character Lincoln. And I don’t even know what the F**K they’re doing with Simmons. There’s so much they could do with SHIELD and they’re just not doing it. Granted it’s still early and all this sh*t could weave together into something good, but I don’t think they’re off to a good start. This season needs to focus more on finding Inhumans for the Secret Warriors. Sh*t, Heroes Reborn is doing a better job of that. They even took a shot at Agents with Saresh’s Ending monologue last Thursday using the word “Inhuman”

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