Agents, Evos and Everything Between (Plus Rumors)

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Good Afternoon true believers! we’ve got rumors swirling around Iron Fist and Punisher AND We had a heck of a reveal last night on Agents of SHIELD. Now that this week’s episode done and over with We can talk about it along with Supergirl and Heroes Reborn. Let’s get started!


Yesterday rumors have been revolving about the next parts of the MCU involving Iron Fist and Punisher. It looks like Marvel May be canceling Iron Fist and replacing it with a Punisher series starring Jon Bernthal. Rumor first originated from a site called Peel the Orange The following info came from an “Inside source” so take with a grain of salt:



“Marvel can’t quite seem to figure out how to put Iron Fist into the equation and time is running out. They’re very pleased with Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Frank Castle for Season 2 of Daredevil and know that the fans have a great appreciation for the character. They also know that a Punisher series would be much cheaper and more marketable. They have a contract with Netflix and have to do something. It appears that for this phase of shows, time is running thin for Iron Fist.”

Soon afterward the site got an update saying that the studio actually may be looking into turning Iron Fist into a Netflix Original movie:

“Marvel will be turning Iron Fist into a Netflix exclusive feature film. This will give Marvel extra time and a larger budget for this project. The Punisher will replace Iron Fist as one of the four Defenders.”

Like I said before, this is still a rumor, From a site that I’ve never heard of so I’d take this with a grain of salt. If it’s true, that’s actually pretty cool news. I’m not much of an Iron Fist fan mainly because I’ve not had much exposure to the character (plus it strikes me as odd that he’s a blonde dude)


Heroes Reborn Ep 7: June 13th Part One

Holy… SHNIKES!!! no bones about it, Heroes Reborn has managed to rekindle a love for the show that I haven’t had since season 1. This past Thursday’s episode was possibly the best one. We start with Bennett and Hiro going back to June 13 (the show’s “9-11” event) and from there they hit you with everything! you get almost all of the answers to the questions so far like Why was Bennett’s Memory whipped? How was Hiro Trapped? What happened to Claire and Suresh? Why are Tommy and Malina so Important? But of course with the answers come more questions mostly what happened to some of your other favorite characters. You do get to see more of the original cast, like Angela Petrelli and Suresh and how the terrorist attack on June 13th was possible when the event had hundreds if not thousands of Evos and how far and deep Erica Kravid’s plans go. Answer, they go deep and hard. We’ll find out tonight. Too bad they don’t have a Superman type to take care of things.


Supergirl Episode 2: Stronger Together

Speaking of Superman. My thoughts at the end of the episode were as follows: “Well, at least the writing got a little better”. It’s a shame that the pilot probably scared off some potential viewers. The writing was much better but some of these characters are just terrible. I’m not really a huge fan of Supergirl’s sister in the show. She is constantly playing this game of hopping from one foot to the other with everything that Kara does. Yes Kara is new at this, and is TERRIBLE at the start of her Superhero career but jeez does everyone like to harp on it this episode. We also get to meet the series’ “Big Bad” in Kara’s aunt Astra. Does this make her Superman’s Aunt too? Probably. And this fact just tore a huge plot hole into Supergirl. Now I get that this is not a Superman show, and as such we should not expect to see him. That fact is a problem since we now have other super powered Kryptonians running around now causing trouble for a Rookie who has trouble controlling her powers. If anything ever looked like a job for Superman, this is it!

Overall, this episode was much better. They finally stopped referring to Superman as “Him”. Still not a fan of their “SHIELD” type organization “DEO” or this love triangle that they are obviously building toward with Kara, Jimmy and Winn. It’s also weird to me that the writers seem to be rehashing things that have been done in various Superman shows and movies, but I guess it’s inevitable that Supergirl would draw comparison since they are related. Though once we get closer to the start of production of Captain Marvel, if the show is still around I’m sure there will be comparisons there. I don’t remember Kara’s Earth name being Danvers. It’s a little too similar to Captain Marvel Carol Danvers.



Agents of SHIELD ep 6: Among Us Hide

Warning! This part contains major spoilers for the episode.

I really don’t like having a love hate relationship with things that I watch. Though this week’s episode was good, I wish that the quality would stay consistent. This week we had a big reveal that I prefer that they didn’t do because it was kinda lame that they went this direction. Last week we saw Blair Underwood’s Dr. Andrew Garner’s character “Taken Out” which was a shock in a good way, only to have him survive. How you ask, well we find out that he’s Lash! for me, this was the sour note (or “Brown note” for you League fans out there). This revelation kinda ruins the episode which was otherwise really good. you had great action, Powers Boothe joins the cast as a high ranking Hydra Agent, and great moments with Hunter doing whatever needed to be done in the most non-stealthy way possible. Honestly this one almost redeems the bad episodes this far. This reveal was almost as bad as the stupid fore shadowing of Hank Henshaw not being who he claims to be on Supergirl.

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