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All Marvel characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 2013 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
All Marvel characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 2013 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Greetings True Believers! It’s Friday, and I am running a little behind on this article. I do apologize for the delay. Sometimes our day jobs kinda keep us busy. but worry not, for I was able to get on to last night’s episode of Heroes as well as last week so there’s a lot to talk about on that show.

Heroes Reborn Ep 9 & 10

Oh man, I just realized there’s ONLY 3 Episodes left! That’s gonna be a sad day for me. A lot has happened since the beginning of the show. and if you’re like me, you got turned around Ep 3. Im so glad that the Heroes Reborn Mini series turned out to be a great run. Part of me would like to see this show return BUT if seasons 2 & 3 of Heroes has taught us anything (as well as Seasons 8 & 9 of the Office) Sometimes its best to just go out on top. Heroes Reborn in my opinion is them going out on top.

In Ep 9, we pick up right when Noah Bennett gets back to the present. At the end of the previous episode, we get hints of what Bennett inadvertently changed when trying to kill Erica Kravid. Needless to say, it was kinda devastating to see Quentin switch sides like that, hoping he comes to his senses because I did like that character. We also saw the return of Luke’s Psychotic B*tch of a wife comeback. I REALLY WISH HER CHARACTER WOULD DIE!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stand her. I get it, she’s a grieving mother but she killed Casper (who grew on me) and Just because your kid was killed doesn’t give you the right to kill completely innocent people, Evo or not.

One Story that has seemingly fallen to the way side is Carlos’s story. You might argue that it’s gotten more important but I would disagree. Carlos has been assimilated into a seemingly more important storyline by ep 10, but really its not. Carlos was successful in infiltrating the Evo holding facility only to get captured by a former favorite of mine, Matt Parkman. Parkman the “turn-coat B*tch” of a mind reader is STILL working for Kravid. I can’t really blame him for trying to secure the safety of his family but it’s still hard to like him acting like a duche.

I really like the direction that Tommy’s story is taking as now he is the adopted son of Hiro. he is easily my favorite character in spite of his whiney/emo moments. He is very spiderman-esq, but with the best power in the show. The moment showdown he has with Dianne was definitely a nail biter, especially now that his, Luke, Malina’s storylines now are involved with the main story of Noah trying to stop Erica and save the world. I don’t know where Dianne fits in the story, ash she was picked up by “Multiple man” Aka Harris Prime. whatever her role, its probably lame and I hope she dies like Wash in Serenity. She’s either going to find out that Kravid was behind the attack on June 13th or kill Luke.

In Ep. 10 Noah was able to get to Malina before anything happened to her. Luke came back just before they dipped out and started heading for Odessa Tx. Where presumably the final act takes place. I think that Noah was right in trying to keep his distance to protect Malina but in the case of Luke after he told him his story, I think id have taken his help. Malina is important to the story, and Noah really should realize that he’s going to need all the help he can get. Especially since we really don’t know what Malina’s power is. At least I don’t understand it. It seems like she can control nature or life or something, but insists on using it in such a way that one would think that she is like Storm from X-Men. I also like how she saved a bunch of people from a gigantic F5 Tornado and the turned on her as soon as it was over. That sh*t would have drove me crazy.

At the end of ep 9, we found out that Miko is still alive! (hooray!!!!) I don’t understand how and why she ended up at the Kravid facility 7000 years in the future, but whatever it looks like her story is still going and I’m not sure of the direction of it. All that we know is that she still needs to help the Master of Time & Space and that Ren is somehow important to that as well. I think that somehow she will be used to revive the real Miko who is with her father at the future facility. She does however cross paths with Tommy, who at the end of ep 9 was “Captured by Quentin & Emo Sis and taken to Kravid. Kravid trying to sway Tommy to her side agrees to show him the facility. After Miko makes quick work of Kravid’s men, she grabs Tommy and tell him that her mission is to free and help the Master of Time & Space. Then They dip out.

like I said previously, Carlos’ story seems to have been thrown away and the character co-oped into the story with Kravid’s Daughter Taylor. She and the Hero/Truther group infiltrate the Evo holding facility looking for Micha, their leader. Micha was another character from the original show. He was the son of Ali Lauter’s Character and Honestly didn’t know he had a power. his power is kinda lame though. He’s just a super hacker but controls tech like Tom Cruise in Minority report. Honestly this story is lame. No one really cares and it comes off as Padding. It seems like a waste for some of these characters as well. I’m sure it will be connected soon, but I feel like the payoff won’t really enhance the narrative at all.

Supergirl Ep 4

Speaking of not enhancing the narrative. This week’s Episode of Supergirl was a bit of a snoozer. its weird, the first two episodes set up this overarching story and the last two don’t even reference that at all. The episode in general from a writing standpoint took a bit of a step backward. The Episode centers around Kara’s relationships with her boss and her Foster family. granted, it was a Thanksgiving Episode so I guess that would be expected. but they tried to cram so much in that there was barely any development of Live Wire, this week’s villain. All I know of the character is what id seen in various DC Comics animations. Essentially she’s Electro.

This week’s episode did seem to set up another major storyline, which includes Dean Cain’s character as Dr. Danvers and Hank Henshaw. What is with these DC Shows using former Supermen. At least if Tom Welling Shows up he gets to be Superman (unlike Brandon Routh and Dean Cain)




Agents Of SHIELD Ep 8

Dear Marvel, Can we please get some consistency on the quality of episodes for Agents of SHIELD? Because it seems like every other episode is great and the off weeks suck. This week was an on week. Ward has been a full on Baddy since day one of this season and is becoming more and more sadistic. Powers Booth is simply fantastic as Gideon Malick, and I think its safe to say we know what side Rosalind is on, the ATCU however seems to have some Hydra tendrils snaking through.

I’m not sure how I feel about how Hydra’s story has been expanded. Hydra is now thousands of years old and is now responsible for sending people through the monolith portal. this week’s major reveal was Hydra is apparently trying to build an army of Inhumans for the super powerful monster on the other side of the portal. We’ve only seen glimpses so far of this guy but according to Malick, he’s a super powered Inhuman. It’s going to be a long time before we get to the Inhumans movie so I don’t know what the end play for this is. I imagine it’s going to pause at some point because we are getting closer and closer to Civil War and I just don’t see this story serving any purpose in the lead in to that movie. Oh and according to Fitz, He and Gemma are cursed. That’s why they’re kissing now. Timing is everything Fitz, everything.

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