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Hello and welcome to another edition of Agents, Evos and Everything Between. It’s Wednesday and we’ve gutted through another episode of SHIELD, Supergirl and Heroes Reborn. Time to recap. as always, this article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the current episodes yet, you might want to stop reading now.

Heroes Reborn ep 8: June 13 Part II

The logo for the American television series Heroes Reborn aired on NBC Author or copyright owner NBCUniversal Source (WP:NFCC#4) Screenshot taken from episode 4.

The hits just keep coming on this show. Past Bennett stops Future Bennett from killing Erica Kravid. After seeing this, you can’t help but to think that this is going to affect the future somehow. I loved to see how everything was finally connecting together. Tommy has now become one of my favorite characters. Not only is he a Petrelli, He was raised by Hiro as his own son and has Hiro’s power. It was actually heartbreaking to me to see Hiro’s presumed death (we assume because we didn’t see it happen) protecting his family and to see Nathan get his memory wiped thus becoming Tommy.

I still like Luke’s story though I Still despise Diane. I really wish her character would just die already. it was plain to see that she was a sociopath just waiting to happen, and while I get that she was in an incredible amount of emotional distress at the loss of her son, that doesn’t make her actions any less “Cunty”. Finally we get to see one of my favorite of the original cast Matt Parkman, Too bad he was a sell out to Renatas. At least he semi redeemed himself by letting Bennett escape, but the scene itself was a little bad ass, especially with the coin spin move. It was nice to see Miko return, and I have to wonder if she’ll be back somehow. I didn’t much care for the backstory layers they added to Carlos of Malina’s gaurdian Farah as it was very out of place. I can’t wait for the new episode to see what changed in the present besides them Bennett’s sidekick going heel and working for Kravid. Will Miko return? What about Hiro and Angela Petrelli? Will Tommy/Nathan rise to be the Hero he was born to be beside his sister Malina? and What about Luke and Diane? (I hope she dies)


Supergirl ep 3: Fight or Flight

© Character: Warner Bros. Television and CBS Network Source Promotional photo for Supergirl [1] Article Supergirl (U.S. TV series)
It’s getting better, still pretty cheesy, but better. Reactron is probably one the LAMEST name for a character EVER! Only “one of” because how does one become lamer Fin Fang Foom? The episode revolves around Reactron wanting to get revenge on Superman by killing the recently outed as Big Blue’s Cousin, Supergirl. The “Supergirl fan club” as I will refer to it seems to finally be gelling into a cohesive unit and can actually provide the “Girl of Steel” some support. The whole interview with Supergirl at the beginning of the episode was awkward, and Calista Flockheart’s character just can’t give her bitchiness a rest. but I guess that’s the point. Aside from that and the fact that Jimmy Olsen flat out revealed Superman’s Identity in front of Winn (smooth move duche bag) the show seems to be getting better. Everyone’s performance no longer seems forced.








Agents of SHIELD ep 7: Chaos Theory

I found myself enjoying the episode in spite of the stupid twist that Andrew (Blair Underwood) was revealed as Lash. The pacing was good and no one except Lincoln irritated me. Now even though I am not a fan of Andrew being Lash, I do like the Jekyll & Hyde aspect they wrote into the character this episode. Everything for the lash storyline was wrapped up in a nice little package with SHIELD subduing the “InHuman killer” and sending him off to the ATCU to become a human/Inhuman Jello mold (Vin Diessel isnt gonna like that)

Hunter had a small but very entertaining moment with Fitz and Mockingbird referring to the competition for Simmon’s heart starting “is it just me, or does the guy have a pig face”. My only gripe with the episode and the show this season is their continued dependence on Ward and Hydra as the “Big Bad” I cant stand it. Even worse in my opinion was making Rosilnd Price a Double Agent. That’s right, Dana Gordon herself is Hydra (Somebody call Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold to lay that pipe, cause his side chick is getting all crazy) hopefully this arch leads to great pay off. Maybe the events of this story arch sets us up for Civil War. Only time will tell.

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