Texting and Walking Could Soon Be Illegal?

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Well New Jersey you are well on your way to be the weirdest state in the Union.  State Lawmaker Pamela Lampitt seeks to protect us from ourselves as she has proposed a bill to make it illegal for one to walk along any roadway (including sidewalks) while texting.

“Why?” You might ask, well it’s simple because she knew a student who was texting and walking who then walked in front of a bus.  A sad story yes, but does that mean we need big brother government to tell us that we can’t text and walk?

This is New Jersey after all, the state that won’t let people pump their own gas for their protection.  Seriously on my last drive up to Boston and I stopped in Jersey for gas an attendant yelled at me to get back into my car when I attempted to pump my own gas, like a normal functioning human being.

Anyways, if passed you could be fined up to $50 for walking and texting.  So congrats Jersey, in an era where the government keeps butting into our lives more and more, you’ve taken the cake.

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