Hollywood’s Continue Sexism and Ageism

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Hollywood loves to tout itself as this liberal, swinging, all-inclusive town, you know, if you’re not a minority or a woman that is.

We all know the fiasco of the Academy Awards recently where there wasn’t a minority actor nominated in the best Actor and Actress categories.  But honestly that story has been beaten to death so I won’t bore you anymore with that, but keep in mind, that is still a problem that Hollywood needs to address, and not in their over compensating way.

No, I’m going to talk about something that I noticed years ago but didn’t really have a platform to talk about it and that’s women in Hollywood.  If you pay enough attention you’ll realize in movies that we’ll see hot young actresses burst on to the scene in their early to mid-20’s and then once they start getting closer and closer to 30 they get fewer and fewer roles and then just disappear from major releases all together until their late 40’s so they can come back and play the hot mom dealing with teens in some young adult movie.

It seems like Hollywood doesn’t recognize that there are women who exist in the world between the ages of 28 and 50-ish.  It’s as if right after women graduate say grad school they go straight into menopause.

I bring this up because one of the reasons why Olivia Wilde was not cast in The Wolf of Wall Street was because she was considered too old to be the second wife of 37 year old Leo DiCaprio, by the way, Wilde was 28 years old when that movie was shot.

This is just yet another problem Hollywood seems to have when it comes to diversity, especially with women.  If it’s not one thing it’s another.  From last year’s toy fiasco with Star Wars and Avengers by not having any or enough of their female characters, to the seemingly absent of middle age women in movies these days.

Hollywood has a lot of work to do when it comes to diversity, they like to pat themselves on the back on how inclusive they are.  However, their inclusiveness always seems to exclude someone else.  Whether it’s an all women cast, all African-American cast, all white cast, it seems Hollywood comes up with tropes and then cast them, instead of character and then finding the best actor to play that role.  I’m convinced with the new Star Wars movie for Finn J.J. Abrams didn’t say, I need a black lead for this role, I think he had this character and found the actor he felt would be the best to play him which is how you’re supposed to do it, as say opposed to the New Ghostbusters where right off the bat Sony said “all female.”

Ageism, sexism, racism, it all runs rampant in Hollywood and those who run that town need to take some introspect and fix it but not to over correct when they do so.  You can’t make up for this in one fell swoop, but slowly making changes so EVERYONE is included will go a long way.

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