Hacker Group Threatens PSN and Xbox Live

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A Hacker group whom call themselves…you know what, I’m not even going to give them publicity here, anyways these d-bags  claim they will launch a DDos attack on Xbox Live and and PlayStation Network during the week of Christmas.

They claim that they’re doing this to force people to spend time with their families instead of playing video games.

Here’s the thing, I enjoy gaming, I enjoy my family, and guess what I can spend a decent amount of time doing both during the holidays.

My Christmas day usually goes something like this;

My son wakes me up at an ungodly hour Christmas morning and we open gifts.  Once the sun comes up we pack up the car and head to my parents’ home to celebrate with them, my sister and her son.  We usually spend the day there, have breakfast and a late lunch (early dinner) there and then we all go home.

Usually when I get home I pour a nice scotch and watch a couple more Christmas movies while my son plays with his toys.  After he’s passed out from a day of toys and sugar I’ll usually go into my basement a play a few games before I call it a night.

I’m sure many gamers have a similar holiday ritual as myself.  One where they spend the majority of their day with their families and then find time to play their games.

And no matter how much you love your family you need some away time as well when they’re visiting, either gaming, watching tv, going outside, reading a book, etc.  Either way, some immature dicks who are trying to crash XBL and PSN for no other reason than to be dicks, shouldn’t dictate to anyone how much time they spend with their loved ones.

Also, what about people who don’t celebrate Christmas?  Why should Muslim, Hindu, and Jewish gamers suffer because “you want us spending time with out families”?  Hanukkah started on the 6th this year so it’s been over for four days now, so you can’t even use the excuse of that holiday for them.

It’s just ridiculous, I’m sorry you didn’t get enough hugs when you were little, or you got picked, that sucks, but being a dick to others, especially little kids who just got a new system and won’t be able to update it Christmas Day because of you, is a foul play there fella.

My advice parents buying a system for a young one, while they’re at school, unbox it, hook it up and update it, along with their games so they can at least play it Christmas Day.

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