X-Men Apcolypse Trailer Breakdown

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Man it seems like I’ve been doing a lot of these lately.  Well, as you can expect a major geek movie gets a new trailer and I’m hear to break it all down for you.

We start off with a smorgasbord of destruction and Jean Grey waking from a nightmare that she is sure a premonition but Charles Xavier assures her was just a dream.  Obviously this is foreshadowing to what will occur in this movie, but is this also her Phoenix Force manifesting?

Granted we’ve already got the Phoenix Saga, sort of, and it was shit, but Days of Future Past erased all of that and hopefully in a future movie we’ll get a real Dark Phoenix Saga, and Jean’s visions of Apocalypse could be the start of that.

Then we get a voice over from Apocalypse himself explaining how his whole life he’s been confused for many different religious deities and has used this to his advantage to gain followers.

We then get Moira briefing Charles and Havok on  this new being (Apocalypse) who they believe to be the first mutant ever.  Also we get more religious ties to Apocalypse mentioned in this scene.

More voice over from Apocalypse saying that mutants have been following the wrong leaders, obviously talking about Xavier and probably Magneto as well.  We also get quick flashes of Mystic, Jubilee, Nightcrawler, and Magneto.

Then Moira explains how Apocalypse always has four followers whom he gives power too, Havok says, “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, he got that one from the bible”,  “Or the bible got it from him.” Moira responds.

We also get a look at the movie version of the Four Horsemen, being Magneto, Storm (complete with mohawk), Psylock, and Archangel.

We cut to Moira, Beast, Havok, Mystic, and Charles about to enter Cerebro and then see Apocalypse with his Four Horsemen, and Magneto pulls Charles towards them.  Quick note, either the earlier pictures of Apocalypse had weird lighting in the scene to make him look purple or Bryan Singer listened to fan complaints and fixed his color to the deep blue like the comics.  Also, it appears they changed his lips to look like the Apocalypse from the comics, also a fan complaint.  So it’s nice the things that can be fixed before the release are being fixed and it doesn’t compromise Singer’s story.

There is a green tube shaped room with three bodies in it, a prison cell maybe?  The body at the center looks to be Quicksilver, the other two I can’t quite make out, one might be a female because of who the hair looks, but Havok having longer hair in this one it could be him as well.

Then we get a scene with Mystic in battle gear leading Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and Jean, and then cut to Cyclopes going full out with his energy beams, cool scene.

Charles tries to go hand to hand with Apocalypse but fails as Apocalypse then grows to a giants size.  Not sure if this happens in the movie or a dream.  The way the lighting is in this scene I feel it might be a dream or vision by Charles.

Quick glimpse of Quicksilver running through what looks to be the mansion, Archangel using his metal wings, and Storm and Magneto using their powers.

Then we cut to a scene of what appears to be Apocalypse using Cerebro to possibly find more mutants to recruit.

Then we cut to a bald and suite and tie wearing Professor X, no more hippie clothes for him.

I liked a lot about this trailer, we got the gist of the plot but really nothing spoiled for us, take note DC and Warners.  Also, a few scenes you can tell are from the opening of the movie but the rest you don’t really know where they fall, unlike the Bat v Supes trailer where the trailer seemed to follow the beginning, middle and end beats of its movie’s story.

I like that Apocalypse is blue and not purple and he appears to have had his lips changed to look more like the comic book version of him.  So like I said above, big props to Bryan Singer for listening to fans and making this change.

My only real complaint is Jubilee.  Why is she on this team?  We saw her as a teen in previous X-Men trilogy and shouldn’t be there.  Nightcrawler I’ll accept joining the team in the 80’s because the timeline has been changed because of Days of Future Past.  Timeline changes doesn’t make someone get born decades earlier.  So that’s my only complaint really.

So is there anything that we missed that your eagle eye caught?  Let us know in the comments below.  And thus far what movie are you most excited for this summer?  X-Men, TMNT, Cap 3, Deadpool or Bats v Supes?


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  1. You don’t like Jubilee? How can you not like fireworks as a power? Seriously, it is the worst. The only time I liked her character was in the old man logan series.

    • No I like Jubilee, I just don’t like her in this film since it takes place in the 80’s and she was in the previous films as a teen, and those take place in the 2000’s, so her being on this team bugs me because it messes up the continuity.

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