Top 10 Movies of 2015

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Like every site and every YouTube channel out there I’ve got my own top ten movies of 2015.  I feel this should go without saying but these are my top ten movies of the year, I’m not a movie reviewer so I don’t get to see everything, and I’ve been getting ready to move to a new home so there are two films that I didn’t get to see but for all accounts probably would have made this list are The Hateful 8 and The Revenant.

10. Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel:  I’m sure a lot of you are probably surprised to see this movie on my top ten list, and the fact that I haven’t seen The Hateful 8 and The Revenant but I saw this probably has you scratching your head.  Well I didn’t intend on seeing this movie but I was on a dinner date and my date asked if I’d like to go with her and see the movie.  I said sure in the hopes that after sitting through this two hour film I might get laid (every guy has done this at some point in their lives).  I figured just maybe the film would be okay but I thought I’d be bored out of my mind.  I’m pleased to report that I was not bored out of my mind and enjoyed the film immensely (thank god too because I didn’t get laid), so much so I remember the movie and can’t even remember the girl’s name to whom I was on the date with.  The cast of old British greats and American All-Star Richard Gere are fantastic and it’s a very enjoyable film.

9. Entourage: I loved the show and was afraid a movie version of it would feel light on contend since each season of the show had an over arching plot line and I felt a two hour version of that would feel watered down.  Fortunately it didn’t feel that way.  It had been a few years since I’d watch the show but I was thrust back to those happy days.  The movie is great for fans of the show but probably wouldn’t as much fun for people who have never seen it.

8. Mad Max Fury Road:  I liked Mad Max Fury Road, just, apparently not as much as the rest of the internet.  It was a fun movie for sure with a lot of great set pieces and fantastic practical action, but like all the other Mad Max movies that’s all it was for me.  The story was okay and the acting was good, but other than its visuals (and it’s visually stunning) there isn’t much there to keep me coming back to it.  Awesome YouTube clips like the guys on poles ore the flaming guitar are all I need.

7. Avengers Age of Ultron: Another fine Marvel movie with some great chemistry from the cast, seriously I’d watch a movie with all of them in it even if they weren’t Super Heroes.  Shoot, I wouldn’t mind a short film about the Avengers just hanging out on an off-day when they’re not fighting crime.

6. Ex Machina: Is Oscar Issac not the best?  Seriously this guy is great and just oozes personality in every role he’s in.  This is a brilliant and hauntingly beautiful movie about A.I. and it’s consequences.  It snuck under the radar last January and many of you might have missed it, but of all the movies on this list this is one you should probably check out if you haven’t already.

5. The Martian:  A fun and scientifically accurate movie carried by Matt Damon’s just absolutely awesome acting and charm.  The movie stuck very close to the book it was based on with a few weird changes that didn’t make much sense to me.  Usually when I see a change from the book I can say to myself “yeah, I see why they did that” but in this case I was more or less stumped for a logical explanation.  Either way, fantastic movie that will have you cheering for “SCIENCE!” and that’s a good thing.  Also, even though this is Damon’s movie Michael Peña steals the show in his few scenes.

4. Ant-Man:  Even though he and Marvel split ways during pre-production on the film you could see a lot of Edgar Wright in the final product.  Paul Rudd is charming as cat burglar Scott Lang.  Michael Douglas as Hank Pymm adds some serious chops and credit to the film, but once again Michael Pena just steals the show as Luis, Lang’s sidekick.  After seeing this and The Martian and this I can’t wait for him to get his own film.

3. Jurassic World:  What this movie lacks in a plot, believably, science, and credibility is makes up for with…HOLY FUCKING SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT FUCKING T-REX TAKE ON THE D-REX!  Oh this the Raptor is helping the T-Rex, and then, well fuck it, just watch it below.

2. Inside Out: I didn’t get a chance to see Inside Out in theaters and I’m glad because there are parts of that movie that had me welling up and I like to present myself as a manly man in public and nothing says “bitch” like crying in the theaters at a cartoon.  So yeah, this movie definitely has the feels in it.  It’s a lot of fun for kids and adults and like any Pixar film they pull off the whole “let’s entertain everyone” aspect that they usually do in a movie not titled Cars.  Every time Pixar  releases a new film I have to rearrange my top 10 Pixar movie list and this movie definitely jumps into the top five, maybe somewhere in the top 3.

1. Star Wars The Force Awakens: I don’t think this comes as a surprise to anyone.  When Disney purchased Lucas Films from George Lucas to the tune of $4 Billion we all knew that there would be more Star Wars films.  I was still hurting from the prequels and part of me felt that the magic of Star Wars was gone and killed by its creator with those films.  Then J.J. Abrams was announced as the director and my hopes were raised a little, but part of me still didn’t want a new Star Wars movie.  Then the first trailer dropped and then we see Han and Chewie and Han says “Chewie…we’re home.” and holy shit I was all in on this movie.  As soon as tickets went on sale I bought some for my son, nephew, and myself and I was ready to go.  With all of that hype this movie could have easily disappointed myself and many others, but it didn’t, it lived up to the hype, at least for me.  Granted it has its faults, I feel it relied a little too much on nostalgia, but even with that it doesn’t detract from the overall film and my enjoyment out it.  Jurassic World made me feel like I was ten again (the age I was when I saw Jurassic Park) but Star Wars made me feel like was seven again.  Sitting right next to my 7 year old son for those two hours I felt like his buddy and not his dad.  We had blast.  My son, my nephew, my mom, my dad, and myself.


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