TMNT 2 Trailer Breakdown

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Last night the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows trailer premiered (click here for it) and honestly for me it looks like a fun movie.  Bare in mind I said fun, which doesn’t always translates to “good”.

The first movie came out in 2014 to mixed reviews, I didn’t can’t a chance to see it in theaters, but like I was at his age, my son is all about the Turtles so with sight unseen I picked up the TMNT blu-ray and I really enjoyed it.

By no means would I consider it good cinema, but it was a fun movie and reminded me a lot of the 80’s-90’s cartoon as well the current cartoon running on Nickelodeon, who is also the producer of this and the last movie, which should tell all of us 30 something fans just who this movie is made for.  Either way, the last movie was fun, the Turtles (who didn’t get enough screen time) were a blast, and I hope that the makers of this film listened to the complaints of fans and corrected them, and honestly I think by adding Beebop, Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman, and Casey M’F’er Jones this is definitely fan service to us 30-something fans.

So here’s the trailer breakdown;

First up we have a vortex in the New York City Skyline which might be Krang or the Krangs coming from Dimension X.  Quick note on that, in the original cartoon we just had one Krang.  He was a giant brain and had a giant mech suit and  for some reason he was positioned in the suit’s stomach.  Now in the new cartoon (which I’m not 100% familiar with, what I know is what I’ve watched with my son) is there are many Krangs (it’s a race in this cartoon) and they also have robotic bodies (but not as cool as the 80’s cartoon) and are also positioned in the robots’ stomachs.  So I think this vortex might be from Dimension X.

Next up we finally get an honest to god Turtle Van!  We haven’t gotten that in any of the previous movies and it’s pretty awesome, especially when it shot sewer lids at the hijackers (who are probably The Foot).

We also see the Turtles out in the day talking to some sort of city official, which is a bit out of character (even for the cartoons) but I think this is near the end of the film and they’re fighting the above mentioned invasion and really have no choice but to be out during the day.

Stephen Amell as Casey Jones is just awesome.  My only complaint, and it’s very minor, is that he doesn’t have long hair and I can live with that.

We then get to see the Shredder, who is not some quickly added in shadowy figure that was thrown in because fans were pissed that William Fichtner was cast as the Shredder and since he wasn’t an opposing Japanese man there were quick edits to add in Tohoru Masamune as the Shredder with his super mech suit.  It looks like we’re going to get a more faithful Shredder in the sequel.

And of course we get Beebop and Rocksteady which I’m super excited about, and again, they’re making their big screen debut.   And also we get Baxter Stockman as well, and he’s responsible for Beebop and Rocksteady becoming a giant Warthog and Rhino.  Who knows if he invents the mousers or becomes a fly-man in this movie.

And then lastly the scene at the end with the Turtles in a river and a tank maned by Rocksteady pops out of the water and fires a shot after them is just amazing and I love it.

There were really only two things from the trailer that I didn’t particularly like, one the CG of Beebop and Rocksteady didn’t look too hot, but I’ll wait for the film to judge that, and the brief scene with Baxter Stockman, Tyler Perry is really hamming it up.  I hope in this scene the character is just overly excited about transforming the Beebop and Rocksteady and his overall performance is a little more subdued.

So what did you think about the trailer?  Did we miss anything?  Let us know in the comments below.

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