The New John Wick 2 Trailer

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Just got done watching the new trailer for the upcoming John Wick 2 trailer and I all can say is “I CANT WAIT!”

I remember seeing the first John Wick movie a couple years ago thinking how good can this movie be? And I was completely surprised with how well done it was. From Keanu Reeves’ badassery (The Baba Yega) to the Russians fearing him, his awesome choice in vehicles and also the hotel filled with assassins and the fight scenes. So much to take in in 2 hours.

After watching the two trailers for JW2 I am excited to see how Ruby Rose does as a villain. I love that he adopted a pitbull as his companion. And cannot wait to watch all the fight scenes. Keanu is an amazing actor and did so well in the first movie that I have no doubt that he will kill this movie as well.

John Wick 2 comes to theaters February 10th 2017!


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