The Cinematic Universe is expanding.. to Dark?

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So a new Cinematic entry: Dark Universe.

A couple weeks ago I read a Time Magazine article promoting the new Mummy reboot with Jack Reacher… I mean… Ethan Hunt…

Amazon is also providing exclusive content to promote the movie.

It got me thinking..

Like most viewers there is a collective groan when we see the teaser trailers to this new movie. Apparently the mummy will give him powers somehow and there will be a face off.

We all groan because we enjoyed- I enjoyed- the Brendan Fraser, Rachel Wiesz, Johnn Hannah ensemble movie (with exotic Oded Fehr). What is there to change?

Instead of heartbroken man trying to bring back his lost love, and is resurrected with biblical hell in tow. Instead we have a bitter woman who was promised an empire. Then not? I realize I might seem borderline sexist until it occurred to me that I just described Loki. Being bitter about not achieving greatness promised. He killed people with back-up, she brings hell with her.

I will acknowledge this new spin: modern-day settings, and a female mummy portrayed by Sofia Boutella as Jaylah from the Star Trek Beyond. Universals goal is to focus on each monster.  The Mummy would reintroduce Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde and Dracula? The origins story of villains? Interesting take. (a better developed Suicide Squad?) But I digress.

My thing is: does it HAVE to be Tom Cruise? Or are they banking on his name to start the (Dark) Cinematic Universe- the long-winded point of this article.

Creating Cinematic Universes being the new ‘hot’ commodity in movies. Well not really new, MCU is the juggernaut and DCU is catching up- albeit in a cliffs notes-esque. There’s Whedonverse and who could forget merging familiar faces with new ones with Star Wars. That’s another universe with its own canon.

In short I’m wondering:

-will The Mummy be the story or will we just see Tom..( like what happened – I think- with Valkyrie)

-If done well, will some see it as a ‘welcome change’ from being overwhelmed by the Marvel/DC movies?

We already know what the DC/Marvel line up is, it’s practically a meme style ‘save the date’

Here is a concise list of reasons why The Mummy could ‘tank’

Surprisingly, my thoughts are (slightly) more forgiving.

I guess we’ll find out next week how it does.

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