Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoiler Talk

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By now I’m sure many of you have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, especially since this is titled Spoiler talk.  So that’s your warning, SPOILERS AHEAD!

I’m not going to break down the movie scene by scene here, but what I’m going to do is talk about moments and scenes in the movie that I enjoyed.

First up, this movie probably had the most humor of any of the Star Wars films, and unlike the Prequels, the humor in this movie works, and is actually funny.  Three of my favorite humorous moments involved Poe Dameron.

At the beginning after he’s captured by the First Order, he’s presented to Kylo Ren, there is a tense stare down and then Poe breaks the tensions by saying “So who speaks first, you? Me?”

Then after being rescued by Finn, he asks him why he saved him, and Finn answers “It’s the right thing to do.” To which Poe replies, “You need a pilot.”  Finn-“I need a pilot.”

And while they’re making their escape, Poe asks Finn for his name and Finn replies “FN <insert whatever numbers he said>” and Poe goes, “no we’ll call you Finn”.

Poe also was my favorite of the new characters, his humor and his piloting of his X-Wing were a lot of fun to watch.

Speaking of our new characters, we learn their origins, mostly, Finn was plucked from his family at a young age and turned into a Storm Trooper.

Kylo Ren, like I predicted, is Leia’s and Han’s son gone bad (his real name is Ben Solo), and it was his turning to the Dark Side that cause Luke to go into hiding.  We get a brief vision from Rey showing Kylo and the Knights of Ren standing around a ton of bodies that we assume are fallen Jedi.

As far as Rey, we know the Force is strong with her, but why?  The movie heavily hints at her possibly Luke’s daughter.  During her vision after touching Anikan’s Light Saber, we see the aforementioned Knights of Ren vision, but also we see a vision of Luke with Artoo, and also Rey being left on Jakku by her family in the care of an alien.  I’m still holding onto the fact that after the Jedi massacre Luke sent Rey away to protect her.

The other big reveal/spoiler is that Kylo murders Han in a very emotional scene.  I think all of us knew going in that Han or Luke would buy it, my money was on Han because Harrison Ford was so happy on the promotional circuit for this film, and he’s usually notoriously grumpy when it comes to Star Wars, this was Han’s last film and Ford probably couldn’t have been happier.

We still don’t know much about Supreme Leader Snoke, other than he seduced Ren to the Dark Side side of the Force.  He’s an alien who’s face has been scared, looks like it could have been by a Light Saber, Luke maybe?  Anyways, we only see him in hologram form and is giant in it.  Who knows his real size, I’m guessing he’s small in person.

We get a pretty bad ass Light Saber battle between Ren and Rey, it was violent and did not look like it was choreographed which made it look real like the original Trilogy, unlike the Prequels that had pretty Light Saber battles, but looked more like a dance than people trying to kill each other.  This battle was brutal and looked like two people who hated each other.   What was great about this battle though, is unlike in Episode I the main villain didn’t get killed.  We still have Kylo Ren around and Rey has motivation for the next movie.

And the last thing I’m going to talk about is Luke absent until the end of the movie.  As we were getting towards the end I kept wondering when we were going to see him.  During the battle at the Star Killer base I knew that the movie was just about over and we hadn’t seen Luke yet.  I honestly thought we might not see him at all, and then, at the very end of the film, R2-D2 wakes up and he and BB-8 piece together the map to find Luke.  Rey, Chewie, and R2 set off to find him and the movie closes with Rey finding Luke without a line of dialogue from Mark Hamill, which I find extremely ironic, since he’s been making a living mostly as a voice actor since Return of the Jedi.  This must have been the easiest money he’s made as an actor, to the point I have to wonder, “did he get paid for this?”

Anyways, what did you think of the movie?  Did you like it, hate, did it live up or disappoint?  Let us know in the comments below.

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