Star Wars: Maybe We Owe George Lucas An Apology

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Over the past 18 years George Lucas has gotten a lot of flack from Star Wars fans out there for the Prequel Trilogy.  In all fairness he deserves a lot it  but maybe, just maybe, we’ve been a little to harsh on him.

One of the biggest complaints about the movies is the script and the cringe worthy dialect.  This complaint is well deserved but a lot of people have called Lucas to controlling over Star Wars and the script unlike his previous two Star Wars movies, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi where he got Lawrence Kasdan to co-write the scripts, not to mention Ivan Kershner who directed Empire and Richard Marquad who directed Jedi.

So why didn’t Lucas ask for help for the prequels?  Well he actually did.  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly about Episode VII The Force Awakens, Kasdan reveals that Lucas did come to him the help him with the scripts for the prequels, but he turned it down saying, “That wasn’t where I was at.”

So do we shift our fanboy rage onto Kasdan for not helping Lucas?  Of course not, but I think we need to layoff Lucas a little for the prequels.  After all he did reach out for help to a writer he trusted and was turned down.  You can say “why didn’t ask someone else?”  Well as a fellow writer and creator and I offer this, when you create something you hold it near and dear to you and there are few people you trust with those characters.

So let’s layoff Lucas for a bit he did try and get help on the prequels.

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