Star Wars: Episode 8 A look Ahead

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Judging by the world wide haul of Star Wars: The Force Awakening reaching over $500 million this weekend it’s safe to say you’ve probably seen the movie by now.

Before you read on, there are a shit ton of spoilers below, so you’ve been warned.

Unlike A New Hope, The Force Awakens has an open ending to where we know there will be a sequel, and of course we live in the era of Franchises, so we get to do something people probably didn’t do in the 70’s and that’s speculate on the next Star Wars movie (I know what you’re thinking dear reader, “we got to do that in the late 90’s with…” and that’s where I say “NO! No we did not, there has only been Episodes 4-7.”).

So let’s start speculating!

First up Supreme Leader Snoke, we got to finally see him in this movie, all be it in hologram form, but his face was all kinds of scared up which leads me to believe he pissed someone off, and that someone had a light saber.

Even money is on Luke being that person who messed up Snoke, given that he’s the only remaining Jedi, and that Snoke is obviously afraid of Luke.  Part of me thinks he wants the map to Skywalker, not to try and kill him, but so the Rebels can’t find him, why you ask, I’ll get to that later.  But also Andy Serkis and J.J. Abrams have said Snoke is very old, possibly ancient, maybe, which has given rise to him maybe even being Darth Plagus or even Darth Reven (the latter may or may not still be cannon though).

I like the idea of Snoke actually being Plagus, it would be a nice full-circle of the prequels, and give them some weight.  Yes I know above I said they don’t exist, but sadly they actually do.  So if he is Plagus, I wonder if those scars are from Palpatine.

While we’re on the subject of Snoke, is he a Sith or a Knight of Ren as well.  The whole “Ren” name in Kylo Ren is the name Solo took on to honor someone named Ren.  It hasn’t been fully explain who that is yet, so we don’t know if Snoke is also a Knight of Ren or an actual Sith.

kylo ren

Or other than Luke giving him them scars, I’d like to think maybe he had a run in with Yoda at some point, or maybe even Obi-Wan.   Either way I’m interested in seeing more Snoke.  Just like in Empire, we only got a glimpse of Palpatine and I wanted more.

To say we didn’t get a lot of Luke in the new movie would be an understatement but when we finally do see him and he sees Rey there is a quick face he makes as if to say “I knew you would find me one day”, kind of further strengthening the theory that she’s his daughter.

I think we’ll get a lot of Luke training Rey in this film, kind of like Yoda training him, however, I hope that he doesn’t do the whole “to old to begin the training” crap we got in Empire (which was cool then) and then again in Episode I, we get it, Yoda hates training Skywalkers.

I’m sure we’ll get the final note on Rey’s past in this movie, hopefully if Luke is her father he doesn’t pull an Obi-Wan and keeps it from her, he tells her the truth right off.

Rey, Luke, and Snoke are obviously the three major cliff hangers from Episode 7 but also it will be interesting to see Fin in the new one given the ass whooping he got from Ren.  That last slice was down the spine and we thought he was a goner.  It will be interesting to see if he gets any of those handy prosthetic we see in the Star Wars Universe, side note, hopefully they replace Luke’s hand.  He needs an upgrade.

Speaking of Ren, he’s due for more training as Snoke ordered it as the Star Killer Base was being destoryed, so he’ll probably be more badass and filled with rage after the ass whooping he got from an untrained Rey, not to mention that gnarly scar across the face, bet he won’t be taking his helmet off anymore.

Also, I want more Poe, his story line didn’t really end on a cliff hanger, he was just a really cool character and I want to see more.

I was correct about Captain Phasma being this movie’s Boba Fett, looks cool but ultimately didn’t do anything.  We are told she’ll have a bigger role in the next movie so we’ll have to wait and see.

So what do you think will happen in the next movie, let us know in the comments below.

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