Spidey and Deadpool Crossover?

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For anyone who reads Deadpool comics they know the weird (maybe scary) obsession the Merc with a Mouth has for everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, well that obsession could be coming to the movies…

Well maybe, a really really really really big maybe.

Deadpool director Tim Miller had this to say;

“Simon and I have been trying to build bridges.”

And X-Men and Deadpool producer Simon Kinberg added;

“Both of us are close with [Marvel’s] Kevin [Feige], we respect and love Kevin. If it were even remotely possible, we will find a way ’cause we’d would love to see it… I just don’t know if it would be possible.”

So is it possible?  Sure, I mean anything in the movie business is possible, but it would take a lot to get this one going.

avengers deadpool

First off, Fox and Marvel (and Disney) have a very rocky relationship.  It started with Disney trying to get back all the properties that Marvel sold the movie rights to in the 90s in order to stave off bankruptcy.  Then of course shortly after Disney bought Marvel they purchased Lucasfilms which netted them 5 of the 6 Star Wars movies, and who owns a New Hope? You guessed it, Fox, and when Disney wanted to release all 6 movies on their Disney Movie Anywhere, Fox would not let/give/sell the digital rights to Disney.  And last straw, Fox totally messed up Fantastic 4 and rather than sell it back or work with Marvel (like Sony) they’re just shelving it until the rights are about to revert back and then they’ll churn out another shitty film (at least they let the Daredevil rights go, bet they’re pissed about that now).

Then we have Sony, yeah, Sony still has the Spider-Man rights but are working with Marvel because it’s been apparent for a few years now Sony doesn’t know what in the world they’re doing when it comes to the movie business, which is why they entered a partnership with Marvel in order to save one of their many floundering franchises, so they would have to be involved as well.  So that’s three movie companies that would have to play nice together and have to figure out a way to split the budget, distributing rights, and profits from one movie, which rarely ever happens in Hollywood.


Lastly, what would it be rated?  No way is Marvel putting Spider-Man in an R rated movie, and Deadpool fans would be pissed if Deadpool was in a PG-13 movie, though I think it would be funny hearing Deadpool try and say “fuck” only to have it bleeped and then him going on a tirade with nothing but bleeps as everyone stares at him.  Creatively there is a lot they could do to give the feel of an R rated Deadpool movie without it being R rated.

In the end it seems a lot of people in power want this to happen, will it?  Ah, sadly the answer is no, but we can all dream can’t we.  Also, one more thing, it would be nice to see a Wolverine and Spidey crossover as well, I always loved those two teaming up together, except in Ultimate Spider-Man when they were body switched and a 100+ year old Wolverine in Parker’s body was hitting on a 15 year old Mary Jane, that was weird, but I’m getting off topic.  Hugh Jackman was supposed to have a Wolverine cameo in Sam Rami’s Spider-Man but the costume never made it on time so it was cut.

So what do you think dear reader?  Are you all set to post the “take all of my money” Fry meme in the comments section?  Let us know, and as always you’re awesome.

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