Sony Taps Thor: Ragnarok Writer For HE-MAN

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Sony Pictures have not yet given up on their HE-MAN movie, a movie that has been in developmental hell for what seems like eternity at this point.

Variety is reporting the Sony has tapped Thor: Ragnorok screen writer Christopher Yost to tackle the latest version of the script, one that has gone through plentiful rewrites who know how much of it resembles the leaked Grayskull scripted that our friends over at Latino-Review reviewed seven years ago (side note I couldn’t find the link to that review but here is the link to JoBlo summarizing the article complete with a broken link to Latino-Review)

There, former Latino-Reviewer El Mayimbe raved about the script, calling it “Lord of the Rings meets the Matrix” and saying the it took the source material very seriously.  I can’t remember the whole article that well (you know since it’s 7 years old and all) but I recall El Mayimbe describing the scripts opening kind of like the opening to Lord of the Rings where there is a massive war between King Randor (He-Man/Adam’s Father) and Skeletor or Keldor (his name before he became the skull faced villain).  Already by his description of the opening I was hooked.  But again, who knows with all of the writing and possible director changes there have been if any of the Grayskull script remains.

As far as He-Man movies go all we have is the 1987 Cannon film Masters of the Universe which has been a sort of whipping boy for many people, but in all honesty it’s not that bad.  Sure the trip to earth is sort of dumb but that’s in the film for two reasons, one the budget, so we couldn’t have a full film take place in Eternia (budget costs can be blamed on Cannon splitting this film’s budget with Superman IV in hopes of making enough money to fund a Spider-Man movie) and that this script was a rewritten New Gods film and the boom-tube was changed to the cosmic key.

With all that (and just the recklessness that was Cannon Films) Masters of the Universe isn’t that bad, especially when you watch and admire the performance given by acclaimed character actor Frank Langella as Skeletor.  Seriously, re-watch this movie and tell me his performance doesn’t rank up there with classic film villains such as Darth Vader or Heath Ledger’s Joker.  Langella took the role because his son was such a fan of the He-Man cartoon and you can see in his performance that Langella took the role seriously as if he was performing strictly for his son and has said that this was one of his favorite roles.  Also of note Langella has said that he played the role as if he was playing Shakespeare’s Richard III and even wrote some of his own lines like one of my favorites “Tell me about the loneliness of good, He-Man. Is it equal to the loneliness of evil?”.  His performance is just brilliant.

So as I am hopeful that Sony’s new He-Man movie will be good (I’ve been a fan since I was knee high to a duck, and my dad was always gracious enough to play as Battle Cat and let me ride on his back or let me beat him up as he played as Skeletor) but they better cast a damn find actor to play Skeletor because he’ll have a lot to live up to  in order to equal Langella’s performance.

Seriously, watch these two clips below then in the comments section let me know who you think would make a good Skeletor and He-man.

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