So Space Jam 2 is Actually A Thing Now

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So what started out as a rumor or possibly an April fools joke but sometime around last year people were talking about a Space Jam 2 staring LeBron James and for some reason beyond me people actually got behind this.

For one the original Space Jam is terrible.  As a kid I thought it was terrible and the only redeeming portion of it was Bill Murray because he’s Bill “Fucking” Murray and can make the dictionary funny.  The problem with that is BFM is only in maybe five minutes of the movie.

The plot is barely there, the Looney Toons challenge aliens to a basketball game so aliens don’t kidnap them for a zoo, nevermind the fact that Bugs Bunny has made a career out of taking out larger foes (by making them shoot themselves most of the time), and so the Toons kidnap a now retired Michael Jordan to play on their team.  In the end the Toons with Jordan win and His Airness returns to the Bulls.

I think a lot of people have this nostalgic view of the movie (as well as with Jordan) and they’ve convinced themselves that as a child they loved this film.  I’m will to bet you they did not and they recreated these happy memories from a movie they didn’t like.

So now we’re getting a sequel (scheduled for next year) staring LeBron James and directed by Justin Lin who is famous for the Fast and Furious series.

No word on a plot yet, but if LeBron wants to retire to go all method for the role then I’m all for it, but he probably won’t.  Also, LeBron is pretty wooden with his acting.  With that Amy Schumer movie he was passable, but not in it that much and a supporting character.  Here he’s going to be the star and like Jordan before him I think he’ll be terrible.

This also doesn’t take into account that WB has mishandled the Looney Toons worse than they have DC comics lately.  They had terrible gags and are a shell of what they used to be in there hey day from the 40s-60s, so even what would be the saving grace to this film will also be awful.

This is just a terrible idea from a studio full of terrible ideas (like turning the Hobbit into three movies) and they’ll waste money on it and no one will see it because it’s going to be terrible.  Sorry I’m not Sorry Lebron.

So what do you think dear reader?  Do you agree with me (you should)? Or do you like the idea?  Let us know in the comments below.

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