There Is a Petition to Make Leia a Disney Princess and it’s Moronic

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In the wake of Carrie Fisher’s passing a petition has popped up on to make Princess Leia an official Disney Princess and because I’m typing this and you can’t see me (no I’m not John Cena) my eyes just rolled so hard they almost fell out of my head.

I want to take a second to say that what I’m about to write is in by no means meant to disrespect Carrie Fisher or her legacy, I absolutely loved her, not just as Leia, but in The Blues Brothers and The Burbs (just to name a few), but come on man.

Ever since President Obama said that any petition with 10,000 signatures would be looked at by the White House has blown up with ridiculous petitions, sticking with Star Wars there was a petition for the US to build a Death Star, and now people want to make Princess Leia a Disney Princess, which if ridiculous.


Also let me touch on for a second what the President’s intent was with this proclamation.  He wanted people to submit petitions that mean something for the greater good, not something that will make a handful of people feel warm and fuzzy.  He wanted Petitions in the vain of expanding rights of individuals (like the old civil rights petitions and petitions for women to vote) and overall things that would make this country and in some cases the world a better place.  Not petitions to build a Death Star or make a space princess and House of Mouse princess.

For starters, the idea of classifying a character like Leia as one of the Disney princesses is unfathomable to me, Leia, is not only fiercely independent, but a fierce warrior as well, and none of the Disney Princess’s can hold a candle to her, and to classify her as one, in my opinion would be an insult to not only the character, but to Carrie Fisher, who as a person was 100% original, which we don’t get out of Hollywood that often.

Secondly, Disney has done a great job (for the most part) keeping Star Wars, Disney, and Marvel separate which is good, sure there is some synergy between the brands, like Star Wars comics under Marvel, and the appearance of all three brands at Disney Parks (not to mention the now defunct Infinity series), but have been their own entities with their own COO’s guiding the way.

Lastly, Princess Leia is special because in a galaxy far far away she is the only Princess, Disney Princesses are a dime a dozen (and most aren’t even real princesses either).  Throwing Leia in with them would just make her another Barbie-type doll for Disney to sell in their Disney Stores and totally strip her of everything that made her great.

In closing, keep Leia the only Princess in a galaxy far far away, and not lump her in with half retellings of Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm Fairy Tale princesses.

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