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One of the wonders of Dungeons and Dragons is the D20 system that was made and perfected over the decades.  What started off as a fantasy based role playing game based upon a world like Lord of the Rings expanded to include not only fantasy with elves and dwarves but to almost every other genre one can imagine.  The dice and skill point system has been revised and perfected over the years to the point where we have it today in DnD 5.0. Pathfinder, and other worlds; like Star Wars, which I will be discussing today.

I hear the wonderment from those outside the RPG world and yes you can pretty much find a book for any genre or fandom in which you have interest and immerse yourself in that world and its dynamics.  I have books on Firefly, you can do Star Trek, Doctor Who from the first doctor to the 13th, Cyberpunk, Anime, Zombie Apocalypse, and even Looney Tunes.  Some are D20 based, some D10, and others D6 but the system most know and see is the D20 based system.

Star Wars RPG was originally a D6 based system and in the early 2000s a D20 system was released and in 2007 a revised Saga edition created.    Like any RPG there are many races from which one can chose to play.  The predominant species is human of course same as it is in Pathfinder, DnD, and many other systems.  The other characters one can play have different pros and cons and are BothansCereansDurosEwoksGungansIthoriansKel DorMon CalamariQuarrenRodiansSullustansTrandoshansTwi’leksWookiees, and Zabrak.  You can even be a droid which enables you to create something of your own imagination within the point system provided but the drawback is that you are technically under the control of another player.  Well, in as much as anyone was ever in control of R2D2 or C3PO, well maybe R2D2.

I only roll 20's bitches
I only roll 20’s bitches

The classes one can be are Fringer, Noble, Scoundrel, Soldier, Force Adept, Jedi Guardian, Jedi Consular, Scout, and Tech Specialist.  There are also what are called Prestige Classes if one wants to specialize at later levels which include different types of Jedis and Siths, Bounty Hunters, Crime Lords, Trooper Elites, and Starship Aces.  Examples I can name are Han Solo, scoundrel; Princess Leia, Noble; Obi Wan, Jedi Master; Luke, Jedi that progressed to Master; Jabba, Crime Lord; Bubba Fett, Bounty Hunter; and Darth Vader, Sith Lord.  These are classes you can play but remember to put constraints on your players, Siths and Jedis are not going to work together and nor would Rebel and Empire.  Pick what type of campaign you want to run and place constraints accordingly.  As Game Master you are the director of this story and set the parameters.

When I ran this system last year I chose to set it in a time in Star Wars that I find the most interesting, in between Episodes 3 and 4.  The Old Republic is dying, the Empire is on the rise, the Jedi have been killed off or forced into hiding, it is a time of great turmoil, change and intrigue.  I found a premade campaign which I could use as a template because I do not have the time to write one from scratch.  A premade campaign is fun for everyone because it has scenarios already set up and it is up to the GM to the customize it to the group and go with the direction the group and game takes and every so often prod them with a really big stick.  The players were part of a group brought on by the Senator Organa to investigate the Empire and their actions and were the beginning stages of the resistance.  As such, no one were allowed to be Siths of course and I cautioned strongly against anyone being a Jedi or Force Adept because they would have to very careful in using their abilities less they bring down the ire of the Empire.

This was an interesting and fun campaign and one I may look into running again.  Unfortunately, we were not able to progress to far into it because of the actions of one player decided to side with the Empire and turn on the rest of the party during a prison escape scene thus resulting in a TPK or Total Party Kill.  It ended the campaign quickly and on a sour note but maybe I will try to resurrect it again in the future.

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