Star Wars: Battlefront First Impressions

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Star Wars: Battlefront comes out this Tuesday, November 17th, but thanks to EA Access we got an early look at the game.  This isn’t a review mind you, that will but up on Monday, but since this is such a highly anticipated game I wanted to share my first impressions of the game with you.

In the few hours I’ve had so far with the game have been a lot of fun, I didn’t get to delve too deep into the game, yet, but I did tackle a few game modes.  I jumped into Fighter Squadron, Heroes vs Villains, and Supremacy.

Fighter Squadron is X-Wings and A-Wings vs TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors with your chance to grab a hero coin (perk?) and depending on your side you get the Millennium Falcon or Boba Fett’s Slave One to help turn the tide in battle.  When I played as an Imperial I never got to fly Slave One, but I did get to pilot the Falcon, and damn did I wreak some fools with that ship.  This mode was a lot of fun, and I played it more than the other two last night.  Each ship you use (including the hero vehicles) has different perks, like shields, boosts, missiles.  Use them wisely because they run out and have to be refiled.

Next up is Supremacy, which is a 20 v 20 game where you fight to control certain points on the map.  This is your basic objective kind of playing, and you’ll probably die a lot while trying to hold a position.

Lastly Heroes vs Villains was a refreshing and fun game mode.  It’s 6 v 6 with three players playing as the heroes or villains and three as Storm Troopers or Rebel Soldiers with you changing after each round.  The goal of this game mode is to kill the opposing teams’ heroes or villains before your’s are killed.  If you play as a hero and are killed you respond as a grunt.

As a hero or villain you deal more damage and of course take more damage so can take out a few grunts no problem.  A quick tip for this mode, stay in a group of at least 3 and pick off the other team’s heroes one by one.  I don’t think I lost once in this mode since my team had a good strategy going in.

Like I said above this isn’t a review, just a first impression since I haven’t delved too deep into the game.  However, I can say I’m having a lot of fun playing this game and it made me put Fallout 4 down for an evening, which hasn’t happened since I got my hands on that game, so that’s saying a lot.  Check back on Monday for my full review, and check out our Let’s Podcast Vol. 2 this weekend for some game play footage as Nelson and I cover this week’s nerdy topics.  Hope to see you there.

Star Wars:  Battlefront is out Tuesday November 17th for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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