Colin Trevorrow Gone from Star Wars Episode IX

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Man oh man does it not pay to be a young up and comer trying to direct a Star Wars film.  The latest directing casualty has been Colin Trevorrow.  Of course he’s not the first, Josh Trank never got a chance to direct a Star Wars film after Fantastic 4 bombed, then Gareth Edwards reportedly had his film (Rogue One) taken away from him and a lot of reshoots were done, hence why the first trailer had a lot of scenes not in the movie, and of course Lord and Miller were fired from the Han Solo movie in favor of Ron Howard.

Reportedly Trevorrow’s exit has to do with his inability to turn in a draft of the script that Lucas Film liked, that and his latest film The Book of Henry, was killed by critics.  All in all this is what happens when Disney pays $4 billion for Lucas Films, it all of a sudden becomes a corporate machine with man cooks in the kitchen.  Say what you will about George Lucas, he was one man with one vision for the Star Wars Universe.  He had his hits and his misses but whether you liked what he did or didn’t do, you knew it was his decision in the end.

This new Star Wars Universe is something that has just weighed on me as a fan.  I’ve said it many times (especially on our latest podcast) that the way Disney has been using Star Wars has made me less interested as a fan.  I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but now that we’re two years removed from the hype of Episode VII I just can’t get excited about Star Wars and this coming from a guy who lined up to pre-purchase all the prequel movie tickets and bought tickets for Episode VII for his whole family when they went on sale.  Now I’m more like, meh, I’ll catch The Last Jedi opening weekend but I’m not going to go out of my way to see it opening night.  Star Wars has always been corporate, but now it seems to be extra corporate with so many people making the decisions about where it goes.

However, I’m not completely cynical I can offer up some friendly advice.  Even though Deadline is reporting that Episode VIII director Rian Johnson is the front runner to direct IX I have a different director in mind.  Drum roll please… I think Steven Spielberg should direct Episode IX.  If this is truly going to wrap up the Skywalker saga than I think George Lucas’s best friend and arguably one of the greatest directors ever should direct it.  I think only Spielberg can not only capture the old magic of the late 70’s and early 80’s of film making and mesh it with a modern style.  I believe this would be the best way to wrap up the saga as we put the numbered Star Wars movies on hold for awhile.

So that’s what I think, tell us what you think in the comments below.

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