Star Wars: International Trailer Breakdown

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I’m sure by now you’ve watched the new international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (if not click here) and though it has a lot of stuff we’ve already seen, there are a few new extras here, which may or may not give us a little insight to the plot.  So get ready loyal ready, wild internet speculation ahead, with the possible chance of spoilers, so you’ve been warned, don’t bitch about it in the comments.

First up, more BB-8, which doesn’t really tell us too much, other than it appears that Rey finds BB-8 (or it finds her) and she doesn’t own it from the onset.  So maybe the Alliance sent it to find her?

star-wars-force-awakens-official-poster smaller

In Rey’s discussion with the droid she says she’s used to waiting, BB-8 beeps and she answers “for my family” which may or may not be from that scene, the audio seemed to shift, however it implies she’s estranged from her family which I feel furthers my theory that she’s Luke’s daughter and being kept on Jaku away from him because of something that happened and probably caused the death of her mother and Luke sends her away in order to protect her (kind of like Luke living on Tattoine with Obi-Wan watching over him).  I still think she’s Luke’s daughter and not Han and Leia’s because in the scenes from the last trailer her meeting Han doesn’t look like a father and daughter reunion.

Another new scene is Kylo Ren holding his lightsaber to Rey’s neck.  Obviously he’s captured her and can easily dispatch of her.  So how do we suppose she gets out of this?  Someone rescues her?  Or could she be Kylo’s sister.   Obviously Kylo can use the Force so maybe they’re siblings?  There are rumors that Kylo could be Luke’s son as well and would explains his obsession with Vader.

We get one extra shot of Leia at what appears to be and Alliance base, and C3-PO is also there.

We see Chewie press down on a detonator and then we cut to the seen of a star ship’s bridge exploding.  I think those two are just cut together and have nothing to do with one another.  However the way the camera focuses on Chewie’s hand detonating the device makes me wonder if he’s sacrificing himself?  There are those who think the body Rey is crying over is Chewie, maybe that’s how he goes out?


And then the trailer lays it on really think that someone will die  when we hear the narration “Hope is not lost today.”  That says to me someone important dies.  A lot of folks are thinking Han or Luke, I’m thinking it might be Finn, if only because we see him about to throw down with Kylo Ren and I don’t think Finn has enough training to hold his own in that fight.  The story’s main protagonist is obviously Rey, so pretty much anyone else might be expendable.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on December 18 and for me it can’t get here fast enough.

So what did you think about the Trailer?  What are some of your theories?  Let us know in the comments below.

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