Luke Skywalker is Not Kylo Ren

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Since the awesome, awesome, Star Wars trailer dropped there have been a ton of breakdowns (see our’s here) and a bunch of theory as to who the new characters may or may not be.  However, there is one theory that is gaining some ground that to me seems totally ridiculous, and that is Luke Skywalker is Kylo Ren.

The two main points of “evidence” pointed out by folks who believe this theory point to, one, Luke is not seen at all in the trailer (though that might be his hand touching R2-D2) nor is he on the poster, and two director J.J. Abrams’s tried to convince us all Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t Kahn in Star Trek Into Darkness.

In regards to the lack of Luke Skywalker in the trailer and on the poster, it’s probably because, like has been speculated from the beginning, Luke is in some self imposed exile (why we’re not sure) and won’t show up until the third act of the film.  Odds are he’s in very little of the film and J.J. wants to keep him as a mystery at this point.

As far as J.J.’s attempted trickery with Khan in Star Trek, that is completely different from what is going on in Star Wars.  Paramount wanted to make Star Trek cool again (or for the first time, was it ever cool?) and pretty much gave J.J. free reign on with to do with the rebooted franchise.  J.J. isn’t in charge of Star Wars, sure he put his stamp on the script, but Lucas Films is steering that ship and they have final say over what happens to the characters, especially the ones from the originally Trilogy and I find it highly unlikely that they’re going to turn Luke bad because J.J. has a hunch.  Plus this is the only one that J.J. directing so this isn’t his franchise or trilogy.

We know Adam Driver is playing Kylo Ren and in the trailer we see Ren without his helmet, yes it’s from behind but we see Driver’s puffy black hair, which we’ve also seen him without his mask in set photos and concept art.  So yeah, he’s Ren.

Lastly this is all owned by Disney.  Disney is not going to turn one of their most popular characters bad.  Luke will more than likely play a Obi-Wan or Yoda role in this film with possibly a bigger role in the next two films.

So there it is, Luke is not Ren, Luke is not going over to the Dark Side, he is one with the Force.  If he were to go to the Dark Side it would undo the entire climax of Return of the Jedi where Luke turns Vader good again.

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  1. I’ve seen a leaked trailer ,in it luke is in a cave fixing his light saber with what looks like a screwdriver ha , he looks like obi one not kylo ren

    • I haven’t seen that trailer yet, but I have seen the leaked photos of him looking very Obi-Wan like so yeah, him being Kylo Ren is absurd.

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