Rumor: Apple to Buy Disney?

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Now I’ve heard some whoppers in my day but this one for me is a little hard to swallow. Reported by Variety, Apple is looking to pull off a $237 billion takeover of Disney, which would create “a company worth $1 trillion with ‘almost limitless opportunities in content and technology.” A  deal of this magnitude would be “contingent on Apple getting tax breaks to ‘repatriate’ overseas cash.”


“A combined Apple-Disney would create an instant competitor to Netflix that would take advantage of the Mouse House’s content and Apple’s user base, the anlaysts speculated. Other benefits: integrating Apple consumer tech as experiences in Disney’s theme parks; and landing global streaming sports rights for ESPN via the combo of Disney-backed BAMTech and Apple distribution and a strong balance sheet.”

I’m not sure how i would feel if this were a deal that were to go through. I do enjoy Disney and the content that they produce. I am an apple user though in recent years they’ve not been up to the standard that I’ve grown to expect from them. But tell us what you think in the comments

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