Rita Repulsa Cast in the New Power Rangers Movie?

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New vs Old

It is being widely reported that Elizabeth Banks has been cast in the Power Rangers reboot movie as Rita Repulsa.

I love this casting, Banks is one of the more underrated actresses out there.  She can do drama and has great comedic chops and I can’t wait to see her camp it up as Rita.  I say camp not in a negative way but given the original source, seeing Rita as a super serious villain would be a disservice to the character.  Giving her a sense of camp will make her enduring and I think Banks is the best actress to pull this off.

I’m not super psyched about this movie, though Nelson is, but casting like this will peak my interest, but the January 13th release date worries me.  Mid January when most movie makers unload their crap for the year.  So we’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. I grew up on Ultra Man, started in 1972 and and a great many anime style cartoons that were run after school as opposed to the regular Saturday morning cartoons. These were the 70’s and early to mid 80’s. Later the Power Rangers came along, around 1991-94 I think, and 20 years later seemed like a rip off of both Ultra Man and the earlier japanese come U.S. Market Cartoons of the 80’s era to me. Much of those anime style cartoons of which Power Rangers blanantly ripped off in my opinion. So, I personally was never impressed with the Power Rangers and the cheap 70’s production with the the much larger and higher resolution T.V’s that also were available 20 years after Ultra Man came along.

    You need to understand that the effects worked in the 1970’s and those same affects did not in the 1990’s and here is why. In the 70’s when those shows were displayed on what were, in the day, large 23 to 27 inch color CRT console TV’s, most of which did not even have remote controls yet, they looked pretty cool. Moving on to the early 90’s or 2000’s the TV’s were much larger and had a higher resolution. Ultra Man on these new televisions looked very outdated as you could just see too much detail. So when I saw the Power Rangers, those shows just looked terrible to me, they were using the same old effects which now looked terrible and outdated on new and up to date televisions with larger screens and higher resolutions.

    With all of that said, if they were to reboot the franchise with Actresses such as Elizabeth Banks, agree totally that she is awesome, and update the affects using current live action and CGI taking advantage of high resolution film and television I may be all for it. It could change my mind. Otherwise, if they stick with the 1970’s Ultra Man TV effects, it will be possible great actors and actresses will not be able to rise above it. Those terrible, cheap and chintzy affects of the 70’s that seemed to follow the Power Rangers allowing for dirt cheap budgets, terrible filmography and effects while bringing in ton’s of money just does not do it for me in any way shape or form.

    They used the Star Wars style of using T.V. shows and movies to make loads of money from the franchising rights of the tons of toys and other Power Ranger branded products that have been sold. It somehow worked on a new generation of kids. Those kids today are in the 25-40 y.o. Single and Family disposable income bracket which they are obviously targeting. Perhaps it will work, perhaps not. My hope is for a complete reboot with extrememly competent actors and actresses and great live action and CGI sequences, otherwise I think it will fail miserably. Most if not all of the Power Rangers movies made for theatrical release in the box office were duds if I recall. I believe the reason for those failures is that those terrible effects from the 70’s that did not translate well to television, did not translate at all to the big screen and looked absolutely horrific when seen in the theatres.

  2. LOL, Sorry Nelson, I am an Old Timer! Some of those early cartoons I was referring to were Voltron, Thunderbirds 2086, Thundercats, Transformers starting in 1984, Tranzor-Z and some others that are driving me crazy that I can not remember their names!

  3. Wooo, sorry I’m late to this comment party. As much as I love Power Rangers, the reason it seems like a rip off of shows like Ultraman and voltron is the fact that it is an american adaptation of the Japanese series “Super Sentai”. Ultraman is apart of the senate genre as well. Haim Saban is the man responsible for the “Power Rangers” American adaptation of all of those shows because he was a big fan of the original japanese shows growing up. Granted his Execution was a little lazy in where he reused Japanese footage and costume designs.

  4. As for the Casting of Elizabeth Banks, I think its good for the movie, but it still seems odd to me. the project itself needed an established name to try to help draw in movie goers. but at the same time, yet again, hollywood white washing. I don’t even remember if there’s an asian on the main cast or not.

  5. Alright Nelson I do get the Haim Saban and Super Sentai references but as to the rest of my response could you get a little more in depth. I put in some extra effort on this one as those shows from my youth really brought back some memories. Come on man, tell me what you really think about my reply! 🙂

  6. Ugh, I just had a browser crash. Lets try this fleshed out rebuttal again. Aside from Elizabeth Banks, I don’t think the casting for the movie is good. In fact, contrary to popular belief, Im not excited for this movie. It is yet another Reboot of a property from the 80s and 90s in an attempt to create another cash grab. I don’t have high hopes for the movie. I also don’t think that this rebooted movie will have any sway on the show what-so-ever.

    The Show looked the way it did in the beginning because it was an adaptation. Saban used footage from the 14th incarnation of Super Sentai, Zyuranger which is from the 70s. after the original MMPR Movie (Which DID NOT use any japanese footage) Saban started changing the show to match its japanese counterpart which is still going today and PR still adapts and incorporates that footage. the argument of how cheesy it looks really only applies to the first few seasons. the current product , though still uses Kaiju style effects, looks like a modern show and is in HD.

    I can’t really argue that the original show didn’t look like a cheese rip-off of other shows like Voltron, Ultraman, Thunderbirds, Robotech and etc. because it does, there is no disputing that. But much like Ultraman and the old Godzilla movies and what have you, that’s part of the charm.

  7. Ok, digging that last comment. I agree with you, I believe it is a cash grab aimed at a market that grew up watching the series and now has children and expendable dollars. They hope the adults will introduce the series to a whole new and young generation. However with this particular franchise they have just never seemed to put much in the way of real production value and script into the movies. So like you I would be very, very surprised if it is any good at all.

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