Next Terminator Movie To Be Crowd Sourced for Ideas?

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Holy shit dear reader, this is the franchise that just won’t fucking die, or maybe it’s a zombie franchise now because in my mind and many other fans it died with Terminator 3, that movie fucking killed it, but yet it keeps coming back, ah kind of like a Terminator…FUCK!

Being reported by iO9 at a conference, Skydance Media Chief Creative Officer Dana Goldberg said that the Terminator franchise wasn’t “on-hold” like so many outlets are reporting but their “re-adjusting” the film.

Part of that “re-adjusting” is them putting the movie in front of test audiences and then gather comments from these audiences and crafting their movie.  What the hell?  Seriously, this isn’t how you make a movie, this is how you put a boy band together.

Terminator: Genysis did quite poorly in the US only making $90 million but killed overseas, so I have a thought for you folks at Skydance, since, you know, you don’t have a fucking clue, set the next Terminator movie overseas.  Be it Europe or China sent the movie around the time of Judgement Day and see how the fight with the machines go over there.

Either way, enough with the time travel aspect, that was cool in T1 and T2 but it’s been beaten into the ground.  Say what you will about Terminator: Salvation but at least it gave us fans what we wanted, a view of the world where the machines are in charge.  Every since we got quick glimpses of that future in T1 and T2 we wanted a whole movie set there.

In spite of it’s failings I was hoping they’d continue with the Salvation story arch and just get a better filmmaker than McG to do it.  That is what they should have done and not some Star Trek rip-off reboot.  This franchise is all cash grab now.  They don’t want to spend the money to get proper filmmakers to make the series, they’re just hoping they slap the Terminator name on it and it makes money.  That isn’t going to happen anymore.  There are now 5 films in the series and three of them suck, so yeah, let’s maybe beg James Cameron to come back to the series he started and maybe he can save it.

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