New Super Hero Spoof Movie Coming Soon

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In the 80’s spoof movies were all the rage with movies like Airplane, Repossessed, The Naked Gun, and I’m Gonna Get You Sucka, and the slew of Mel Brooks’ movies (from the 70’s to the 90’s).  They were well crafted and very smart (especially Brooks’ films).  They tackled everything from cop dramas, horror, disaster flicks, and even Star Wars.  Then they kind of died off for a bit but came back with the Scary Movie franchise and then the Wayans brothers continued the trend with unforgettable after unforgettable spoof movie almost yearly, but hey it kept Marlon employed and away from G.I Joes.

Now a days the biggest films every year are Super Hero movies and they’ve been that way for sometime and surprisingly in spite of all of that the last Super Hero spoof film was 2008’s (aptly titled) Superhero Movie (shocker it wasn’t good), but Variety is reporting on a new Superhero spoof film that aims to take on Marvel, DC, and Star Wars.


Staring Amy Smart (Road Trip), Stephen Rannazzisi (FXX’s The League), Simon Rex, and Shawn Michaels (WWE Hall of Famer) team up for Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars, seeing Rannazzisi as a Batman like character named “SuperBat” with Michaels playing his mentor.

The basic plot seems to be SuperBat loses his love for fighting crime and Michaels has to whip him back into shape.  So standard fallen hero plot but this will be a comedy.

Given my enjoyment of The League (and Rannazzisi being one of my favorites from the show) and my love of Shawn Michaels (I named my son after him) I’m willing to give this movie a chance when it hits theaters (but in all likely hood straight to DVD).  Rannazzisi is hilarious, but from what I’ve seen from Michaels in the trailers for The Resurrection of Gavin Stone his acting isn’t half bad, so this movie might be watchable.  The movie is currently being produced in Louisiana so it will probably be late next year for us to find out if it’s any good.

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