McG to Direct The New He-Man

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Ugh… Really that’s all I have to say about that, but I’ll have to elaborate on that so you get your money’s worth.

McG isn’t terrible, but he hasn’t really done anything to make me think he can take one of my all-time favorite properties from the 80’s and deliver.  Granted, unlike most, I enjoyed Terminator Salvation, by no means was it great, but I felt it was a nice starting point to move the stagnate Terminator franchise forward and to see the adventures of John Conner as he fights the machine instead of seeing time travel all the time.

He’s also done the Charlie’s Angels movies as well, both franchises hard on action, but none of that screams he can handle fantasy and Sci-Fi.  Both Terminator Salvation and Charlie’s Angel were kind of standard fair.  Nothing really amazing stands out from his directing style and I don’t know if he’s the guy for the job.

Well, actually I do know, he’s not.  This franchise doesn’t need someone who tries to make “cool” movies, but makes films.  Granted the premise of He-Man isn’t the best, but with the right creative mind behind the camera it could have the next Lord of The Rings.  Instead I see a McG directed He-Man movie being like the New Adventures of He-Man, if you don’t remember that  you’re lucky, but it was basically He-Man in space.  It’s fucking dreadful.

In the end I just want a decent He-Man movie.  A lot of people shit on the 80’s Cannon film but I think it’s fantastic, and Frank Langella as Skeletor is one of films most charismatic villains.

So what do you think dear reader?  Is a man without a proper name the right person to direct a He-Man movie?   Let us know in the comments below, and check out the New Adventures of He-Man below.



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