Live Action Sonic Movie in 2018?

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During an interview with The World Folio, Sega Sammy Holdings CEO Hajime Satomi said that Sega and Sony Pictures were collaborating on bringing a live action/CGI hybrid Sonic movie to the big screen in 2018.

Sonic has long been one of my favorite video game mascots.  In the early 90’s when he was introduced to compete against Mario, his games were a nice change of pace and styling.  Everyone won, Sega got a nice bump in sales, Nintendo had competition and had to keep producing AAA titles, and we the fans had a choice in the market.

Unfortunately for Sonic this back and forth rivalry ended with the 16-bit era.  With the launch of the Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast both mascots we launched into the world of 3D gaming.  Mario stuck with the tried and true Bowser kidnaps Peach, Mario has to save Peach.  Sonic on the had… ah… did not.  The games went from chasing Eggman and collecting chaos emeralds, to ah, I’m not really sure.  Sonic Adventures (a solid game mind you) introduced Chous, and a being called Chaos, and there were cops with guns pointing at Sonic at one point and Bigs the Cat!  Serious the Wikipedia summary for the story of this game is several paragraphs long, no Sonic game should have a summary over one to two paragraphs.

The game was fun but the story was a mess and future games just continued to get more and more confusing.  This is where my concern for the film comes in.  In 1993 Nintendo allowed a Super Mario Bros. movie to be made and it was god awful (Nelson might disagree, but he hasn’t watched it since he was a child), and this was because they strayed from the Mario formula.  At this point we don’t have a Sonic formula anymore and god knows what kind of plot this movie will have.

Older games don’t make for good movies because they have very very very simple plots which are only to give you a reason to play the game, there is almost no character development so these don’t translate well to the big screen.  Shoot, even modern games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill that should be good in the theaters are “meh” at best.  These properties aren’t taken seriously.

Well Sega and Sony have got two years to figure it out and break the string of shitty video game movies.

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