Is Luke Turning Sith in the Last Jedi?

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It’s been a good day for Star Wars fans. Today we saw the premiere of the new teaser trailer and poster for “The Last Jedi”. But upon examining the nifty new poster, something caught my attention. 

Luke’s Eye looks funny. Now the whole poster has a Duotone effect on it. The design is Predominantly Red with a splash of blue and some color in Rey. But if you look at Luke’s eye, it has a familiar “design”. 

It looks a little “sith like” now it’s really hard to tell being as that part of the poster is red not full color. This detail got the wheels turning. Think about the Star Wars logo for the Last Jedi vs all other Star Wars movies. 

The logo is red for the Last Jedi where as the others are usually yellow. That detail I thought was odd. 

And now think of all of the dialogue from the teaser. It was very cryptic with mentions of light, dark and balance ending with a grizzled Luke’s voice saying that “the Jedi must end”. These hints by themselves don’t really mean that much by themselves, but together it leads me to ask the question, is Luke going to go to the Dark Side in the new movie? Will he go to the dark side and comeback to bring balance to the force like in the previous expanded universe? It will be interesting if these little details add up to anything. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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