In Defense of Hayden Christensen in Ep. VII

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With the release date of Star Wars: Episode VII The Search for More Money Force Awakens there has been a slew of rumors about the plot of the movie and what might be in the possible sequel.

The latest rumor to make the rounds is that Hayden Christensen will be reprising his role as Anikan Skywalker, either as a Force Ghost, clone, or Darth Vader himself.  Obviously with any actor from the prequels not named Liam Neeson or Ewan McGregor induces fanboy rage but in all fairness to Hayden, he’s not that bad of an actor.

As far as the rumors are concerned if he’s there to play Darth Vader then regardless of what you think of his acting it won’t influence the film since he’ll be in a black suit (probably on stilts) and will be voiced by James Earl Jones so if you hate Hayden then congrats, you won’t have to really see or hear him.

As far as a Force Ghost or clone, well you’ll have to see or hear him, sorry, but like I said above he’s not that bad of an actor, and when I say that I mean he’s quite good when paired with a good director (which he will be for these films) and when he has you know, sets to work with and not in a giant green room for hours and hours a day.  I mean look at Natalie Portman, she was just as bad as Hayden in those movies and yet she’s gone on to win an freaking Oscar for her performance in Black Swan.  The difference, for her was probably a director.

Now, I love George Lucas, he’s given us two of the greatest film franchises ever (Star Wars and Indiana Jones) but he sucks as a director.  A New Hope (the only one of the original 3 that he directed) is the weakest of the originals, and all three prequels kind of suck (with Phantom Menace really sucking).  Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson were the only actors to really shine in them (and Neeson wasn’t at his best) just because they’re that good.  Also I think McGregor caught on while shooting Phantom Menace that these films weren’t going to be that good and just had fun with it which helped his performance.

Honestly I don’t want to see Anikan back as a clone, and not really as a Force Ghost either, but that’s not because of Hayden, that’s just because I don’t know how that will help the story.  As far as Vader is concerned, I’d much rather carry on  with the new villains like Kylo Ren.  Vader/Anikan’s story was wrapped up in Return of the Jedi and I don’t think it will serve the franchise moving forward with him.  But I just those making the new Star Wars films so if any of these forms of Anikan comes back I think it will work.


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