Stephen King’s Cell Trailer

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I can’t explain to you why Cell is one of my favorite Stephen King books, it’s a different take on Zombies, and it doesn’t make much sense as to how a frequency being broadcast over cell phones turns people into a hive like band of monsters, but it does.  It’s pulpy-classic horror take on modern technology, side note at the end of the book, published in 2006 is said King did not own a cell phone, so maybe it’s his own fear of technology.

Anyways it’s a silly but enjoyable book which I have no doubts will be a silly and maybe enjoyable movie, after all it does have John Cusack and Sam Jackson in it, who just a year after Cell’s publishing stared in another obscure King story, 1408, which I can say without a shadow of a doubt is my favorite horror/suspense movie ever made, so there is hope for this one.

The basic plot of the novel (which I assume the movie will follow to some degree) is that one day a signal is broadcasted to every cell phone and who ever is on their cell phone gets turned into a zombie.  At first they all just go crazy but then become some sort of hive minded entity.  Clay, played by Cusack, is on a quest to return home from Maine (I believe he was in Boston, maybe NYC when this started) to find his son.  Meanwhile he meets up with other survivors including Jackson’s Tom McCourt.  Like any King novel it doesn’t stay that straight forward and there are twists and subplots along the way, but since I haven’t seen the film yet I don’t know what was cut from the book so that’s as far as I’ll go.

It’s basically the pilot episode on The Walking Dead, but in stead of the zombies biting you to infect you, if they don’t kill you they make you put your ear to a cell phone to become one of them.  Like I said, I can’t really explain to you why I like the book, I just do, deal with it.

Anyways, the movie is out on Video on Demand on June 10 and hits theaters on July 8.  I’m pretty sure I’ll check this out in June just because I feel this is going to be one of those movies where I’m going to want to make jokes during it and I don’t want to disturb other moviegoers.

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