Casting Call: IT Chapter 2

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This past weekend we checked out Stephen King’s IT (check out our review HERE) and being book readers as well as viewers of the original ABC mini-series we knew going in there was a whole half of the story missing, and that would be the characters as adults.  I’m glad that they didn’t try and fit the whole story in one movie because that wouldn’t have worked.  So after the movie ends pops up the title and “Chapter One” which got a huge gasp from the theater I was in which didn’t surprise me since when I bought my ticket the others in line didn’t look like the time to crack open an 1,100 page book.

Since we are getting a sequel and it hasn’t been cast yet we’re here to help New Line Cinema out with their casting choices.  So sit back and enjoy and as always, let us know what you think about our choices in the comments below.

Also be warned this will contain spoilers for IT: Chapter 1.  So there is you spoiler warning.

Bill:  After the events in Darey Maine Bill goes on to become a famous novelist and then a screen writer,

well at least he does in the book and marries a famous actress.  Bill is a strong character and leader of the Losers Club, but is still vulnerable with his stutter and still coping with the death of Georgie.  I went through a bunch of actors when think about who should play adult Bill such as Matt Damon, Jason Bateman, and Jake Gyllenhaal, but in the end I settled in on the Office’s John Krasinski.  He can play a strong lead but also has the look of someone who could be a vulnerable character.   I think he’d be able to play the Loser Club leader turned writer very well






Ben:  The husky “New Kid on the Block” of the Losers Club, Ben grows up to become a very successful and wealthy architect who lost the weight he had as a child.  Part of me wants to cast Mark Walberg in this role just because of the fun New Kids on the Block running gag going through the first movie (and yes I know Mark wasn’t the Walberg in NKOTB but Donnie is too old), but I don’t think Mark would be the best fit for this role, I think Jason Seagel of How I Met Your Mother fame would great.  He’s a tall guy who looks like he could have been a husky kid, not to mention Segel who is in an underrated actor who can not only do comedy but can to serious as well.

Mike: As I mentioned in my review Mike’s role was cut severely from the book and mini series but as an adult he plays a much bigger role so hopefully that will be the case in Chapter 2.  Mike stays in Darey to keep vigil over the town watching but hoping Pennywise never returns.  For Mike I’m kind of torn between two actors who I think could both bring strength to the role, Donald Glover and Michael B. Jordan, but I like Donald Glover for this role.  He’s a strong dramatic actor plus he’s not nearly as buff as Jordan, who looks like he could just beat the ever loving shit out of Pennywise.



Richie: The cut up of the group who in the book grows up to be a radio host and in the mini series a stand up comedian (either could work for Chapter 2).  I went through a couple of actors who I think could be a good fit for the adult Richie.  Chris Pratt and Vince Vaughn were top contenders, both smart asses in their own rights but Pratt, like Jordan, is just too buff for this role, Vaughn is a bit old, and then I cam to Paul Rudd, but then I thought of someone we haven’t seen in a while who I think would be perfect and is also a Stephen King movie vet, Jason Lee of Mallrats and My Name is Earl fame.  He’s a great motor mouth smart-ass.

Eddie:  The sickly mama’s boy of the group grows up to run a limo service, in the book he marries a woman very similar to his mother, in the mini-series he still lives with his mother.  Either would work for this, but I hope he’s more like the book version.  If I was going off how Eddie was portrayed as a child from the book I’d cast Elijah Wood, he’d play a good book version of Eddie, but in this movie Eddie was a stronger willed character so I don’t think Wood would be a good fit for the adult version of this Eddie, so I was think Adam Brody of The OC fame.  He’s a skinny guy who could look sickly, but can play a loud mouthed strong character that fits the way Eddie was portrayed in this film.



Stan:  Stan doesn’t have a big role in this film but is a high priced accountant so I feel we could get a high profiled star for this and we need one who looks like an accountant, for that I feel Joseph Gordon Levitt would work well for this role.

Bev:  Bev grows up to become a fashion designer and ends up marrying a man who is abusive just like her father so she falls into that cycle, however once she hears from Mike and knows she has to fight IT again she stands up to her abusive husband much like she did to her father.  For her I’d like to see Rachel McAdams play this role.  She has a lot of depth  and I think she could play this emotionally strong yet destroyed woman.

There you have it, my casting list for IT: Chapter 2, what do you think of them?  Do you have any different ideas?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I like the casting choices, but would go with the following:
    Bill: I like John Krasinski for this role
    Ben: I like your choice of Segal too
    Mike: Chiwetel Ejiofor or Chadwick Boseman
    Richie: Jason Lee, yes please
    Eddie: Adam Brody, good choice
    Stan: Levitt would be great
    Bev: Jessica Chastain or Bryce Dallas Howard or Amy Adams

    • As for your choices for Mike, I considered both of them, I didn’t go with Ejiofor because of his age, and I left Boseman off because I was trying avoid casting anyone who had a lead role in a big franchise. Same with Amy Adams as Bev, because she’s Lois Lane. Chastain and Bryce are both good choices as well.

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