Biggest King Kong EVER!

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The biggest downside to the massive juggernaut that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that every studio wants their own now and a lot of these universes they’re starting are stupid and don’t make sense.

Take Legendary’s Kaiju universe that will combine Godzilla, King Kong, and maybe Pacific Rim (they’ve been a little dodgy on that last one).  This combined Universe is, well, it’s just a bad idea.

First off Godzilla took place in the now and Rim in the Future, and in Pacific Rim’s opening narration it talked about the first Kaiju, and they came long after the events of Godzilla, which, mind you, had three Kaiju, not sure if history would have forgotten that.  Also they destroyed a city in Japan, Hawaii, and San Francisco, don’t think the government can cover that up.  So already we have a problem here.

Also they want to throw King Kong into the mix with the rebooted telling of the legend with Skull Island.  First off turning Kong into a franchise, let alone a shared universe, is completely missing the point of the original story and the moral of the story of King Kong.  Say way you will about the run time and some of the CGI of Peter Jackson’s remake, but it nailed King Kong.  It was a wonderful story and got across the point of man’s continued fuckery with nature and the violent consequences.

Anyways, with Skull Island we’re going to get the largest Kong EVER!  He will stand at 100 feet tall (which is 30.48 meters for our friends who use the Metric System), which is pretty big until you realize that in 2020 Kong will face off against the 350 foot (106.68 meters) tall fire breathing Godzilla.  What the fuck?

Personally my only complaint about the 2014 Godzilla reboot was how large Godzilla was, considering he was originally 164 feet (50 meters) which would still be bigger than the new Kong but 64 feet is more believable than 250 feet.  Honestly, how do we even expect this to be a fair fight?  We watched Godzilla rip open the mouth of a Kaiju roughly his size, he only has to step on Kong, and I don’t give a shit about how much faster Kong will probably be, flies are faster than me and I easily manage to swipe those fuckers out of the air with ease.

So yeah, we’re about to get the miss match of the century, and lucky for you dear reader I was able to snack a sneak peak at the Godzilla vs King Kong fight, enjoy it because many Bothan spies died bringing me this footage.


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