Battle Grounds: Doctor Who vs Bill & Ted

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In honor of the premiere of Series 9 of Doctor Who we’ve decided to answer that age old time travel question, which is better for time traveling a Police Phone Box or Phone Booth.  This week I’m taking a break from arguing so maybe Nelson could win one, but he’s going against Frank so I’m not so sure.  So on the side of the good Doctor we have Frank and on the side of the radical duo Nelson.  So gentlemen, let the battle begin.

Nelson: So what makes Bill & Ted superior? Many reasons, first George Carlin, now I know that since it’s a family movie series / “edutainment” we didn’t get the dirty comedy style we’re used to but he’s still funny.  Second the music, being that Bill and Ted are one half of the band that changes the world (WILD STALLIONS!!! ::air guitar solo::) there was some great rock music. 3, as. A child watching this wouldn’t know that they’re also learning history in this crazy wacky adventure. This is something that Doctor Who has lost after the first regeneration as I understand. To most people Bill & Ted is probably more Palatable because of Doctor Who’s confusing back story. With Bill and Ted you don’t have several regenerations of the two, you just have Keanu and
the other guy (let’s face it, the only person who knows Bill’s real name is Keanu)

Frank:  Honestly I know very little of Bill and Ted save the stoners have the phone box. Haven’t seen, have never wanted to see it, still don’t. It always seemed to me a bad copy of Doctor Who minus the style. Old guy, phone box, couple companions, its the Gobots to Doctor Who’s Transformers. Doctor Who originally was a show that used travel to the past to teach about history and the future to teach science.  It evolved beyond that through many regenerations, 13 now, to the incarnation we see today. Now it is entertainment, for over 50 years now, and with the British style of humor rather than the brash American style. Also George Carlin I’ll give you but the other two would die the first day running after the Doctor.

Nelson: Sure, the Doctor has got a couple of decades on the stallions. 13 iterations and I’ve only seen 6. I think you’re mistaking the duo for Beavis and Butt-head. It’s not “dry British humor” but you make it sound like Judd Apatow directed the two movies. Bill and Ted also evolved as well and I’m not talking about Ted Becoming the One in the Matrix. Sure Bill and Ted could die in doctor who’s universe but Unlike Rory Williams or Captain Jack Harkness, they can die, get mistakenly sent to hell, then get sucked into limbo, beat the grim reaper in a chess match to come back to life with death, an alien genius, to build good versions of themselves to save their girlfriends from bad robot versions of themselves from the future. I just described the plot of the second movie in a massive run on sentence to illustrate that in one movie they manage to play on not only a much higher level than any companions, but on the same level as the Doctor (more depending on Regeneration).

Frank:  Ok let’s go with companions, and honestly they do remind me of Beavis and Butthead. Rose, toke in the entire time vortex to save the universe and broke through between parallel universes to help do it again. Fought walking plastic mannequins, only Doctor Who can turn stuff you see every day and make you look twice, take over by an evil trampoline, twice, werewolves, zombies in gasmasks, Daleks, Cybermen, evil reality TV as run by Simon Pegg, bat creatures trying to unlock the universe orchestrated by Giles, and that’s just the first of the new series. Should I go into Martha, Donna, Clara, or your dream girlfriend Amy? Captain Jack as well and Mikey and Rory evolved from the prats they began as. Not going to discuss Danny Pink though,
there’s always one somewhere. No speaking of enemies can you think of any more iconic than the Daleks? The Cybermen idea led to the Borg amongst others. And can you look at a statue without taking another glance?

So there you have it dear reader, so who won this battle Whovians (because let’s face it, Bill & Ted doesn’t have that kind of fan base) let us know in the comments below.  Also, while you’re at it, tell us what you thought about the Doctor Who premiere.

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