Batman v Superman to Get an R Rated Blu Ray

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Call it escalation, call it quick reaction, call it whatever you will but it would appear that the success of Deadpool has led to Warner Bros. to announce that their will be a rated R Blu Ray release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The reason for being an R rated release is because of added violence to that cut.  However, here’s the thing, the MPAA doesn’t rate home releases.  When you see a rating of a film on the box that’s not a rating for the DVD or Blu Ray, that’s the rating of the theatrical cut of the film.  Any other version of that film the studio can say anything they want like “Unrated” or slap an “R” on there, but can’t reference the MPAA in any way.

With that said the cut that will be in the R rated version on home release could have been a cut that the MPAA sent back to Warners giving it an R rating but there was never a report of an R rated cut coming back from the MPAA, and usually with high profile movies when it gets a rating like that it’s big news and doesn’t fly under the radar.  Had any version of BvS received an R rating it would have been all over the nerd world.

Basically what this tells me is that to ride the R train from Deadpool’s success Warners is trying to convince people that “we have a darker version of this film” and I’m going to burst that bubble, they don’t.

The added violence to this cut wouldn’t have given it an R rating from the MPAA because it won’t have the blood and gore that is need from violence to have an R rating, and if the DVD release does, I can assure you it was added digitally and not intended to be there.


A Superman and Batman movie is not a Deadpool movie.  It is not hamstrung by a PG-13 rating.  You could argue a solo Batman movie with some of his villains could warrant an R rating but Bats and Supes teaming up against Doomsday doesn’t need an R rating so the added violence won’t make this film better.  If the movie is bad it will be bad with an R rating, if it’s good at PG-13, odds are the R rated version really won’t be any better or worse.  All this is is Warners generating hype for this release (which they should be) and maybe trying to distract us from the rumors that they’re worried about the film.

This was kind of my fear when Deadpool was so successful, it was studios would take the wrong idea from its success and it seems like Warners and Zack Snyder are doing just that.  Again this isn’t to say this will be a bad movie because we really won’t know until March if this movie is any good or not, but I can tell you the R rated home release isn’t really R rated.   This is just hype for a movie that is out in less then a month and they want us talking about that and not Deadpool.

What do you think?  Does this “R rated” version make you more or less excited for the movie?  Will you go see a “watered down” version in theaters or wait for this so called Ultimate version later this summer or fall?  Let us know in the comments below.

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