All Female Ocean’s 11?

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You read that right, apparently, well according to website the Playlist there is an all-female Ocean’s 11 in the works with George Clooney and Ocean’s director Steven Soderbergh producing and would star Sandra Bullock in the lead with David Gordon Green directing a script from Olivia Milch.

Part of me first has to wonder if this is an actual Ocean’s movie or if it’s just a heist movie with a female(s) lead in it.  Granted if you see Clooney and Soderbergh’s names mentioned near a heist film then people will think it’s an Ocean’s movie.

However, unlike Ghostbusters which holds a special place in many people’s hearts and the name alone on the upcoming all-female reboot/sequel(?) will get butts in the seats with the name alone, but another Ocean’s movie won’t have that same affect, especially since each installment has made less money than the previous movie.

The first movie (itself a remake of the Ratpack movie of the same name) had a budget of $85 million and made a surprising $183 million at US box offices, in spite of it’s cast I’m sure this surprised a lot of people.  Of course a sequel was green lit and given a higher budget of $110 million, Ocean’s 12 only grossed $125 million at US box offices, but still they made a third one, this time dropping the budget back down to $85 million again and this one grossed $117 million.

All three films made money but none were a box office monster and each film dropped in it’s gross.  Like Ghostbusters what made these films work (well at least 1 and 3, 2 was just a mess) was the chemistry of the cast.  Clooney and Pitt have always been great together and adding Matt Damon to the mix just worked, so with an all female one you’ll have to recreate that same chemistry and with Bullock staring I’m not sure where we’re going to find her Brad Pitt since Bullock hasn’t been too successful with female buddy pics.

Also the female led Ghostbusters movie has the name Ghostbusters to bank on, though I’d argue those movies were all about the chemistry between the 4 Ghostbusters as well and not so much the name so I’m not sure how well the reboot will do since it’s not the original cast.  And even if it was about the original cast who knows how well that Ghostbusters movie would do since Ghostbusters II made half as much money as the original.

The bottom line is it appears Hollywood thinks it can throw a well known name up on the screen and an we’ll flock to see it.  They’re right sometimes and sometimes they’re wrong.  And this isn’t about sequels, remakes, or reboots, after all some great films are remakes like John Carpenter’s The Thing, the aforementioned Ocean’s 11, The Fly, True Gritt (I love the original but the Cohen Brothers remake is far superior) shoot even the classic The Wizard of Oz was a remake, but the differences with these remakes are filmmakers saw an older film and said, “hmm, I can do that better” and they did.  They took their time with a well crafted script and made a film, not a film to make money (though that is always the goal) but a film they loved and wanted to share.

The problem with a lot of reboots is that it’s no longer a film maker wanting to take an older film they loved and do something new (or better) with it, but studios saying, “hey people like Ghostbusters, let’s remake that but with all women.” and then they hired Paul Feig to direct it because of his success with Bridesmaids.  So it’s the opposite, money is the first goal and creativity is the second, and I think that’s what is also going down with this new Ocean’s movie, though I still think it’s a female heist movie and not a female Ocean’s movie, just the involvement of Sodderbergh and Clooney have people jumping to that conclusion.

So what do you think about this influx of reboots that are gender swapping from male to female?  Is it equality, cash grab, or somewhere in-between?  Let us know in the comments below.

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