A Word On the Ghostbusters Reboot

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The long story of Sony deciding on a Ghostbusters started with the on again off again Ghostbusters 3.  For years Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis tried in vain to get a third film in the franchise off the ground.  The biggest problem was Bill Murray not wanting to do it.  As much as I love the franchise I don’t really blame Murray, the magic from the first movie just couldn’t be recaptured in the sequel and that showed in ticket sales and critical reviews.  Plus Murray had moved on to more artistic movies that had him getting nominated for awards, his idea of a new role wasn’t that of a “reunion tour” with the old band.

So after years of not getting a third Ghostbusters off the ground and Marvel’s continued success with their franchises (and Sony’s lack of success) Sony really wanted to get a new franchise off the ground.  Enter Paul Feig and what might end up being a bad idea or a great one.  In this new Hollywood “diversity” is the current trend, but Hollywood always takes things to extreme so their idea of diversity is just gender flipping.  So they take an all male team and make it all female and take the secretary from the first and turn her into a man.

Two things about this, first up on the diversity thing, Hollywood needs to learn that “diverse” means to have a variety genders and races, not excluding the majority.  That’s one thing Hollywood never gets, but that’s really not the problem I have with this reboot.  Feig is kind of hit or miss with his comedies, when they hit they’re great, when they miss they’re terrible, and usually he uses a mostly female cast.

What Sony is’t realizing here is that the original Ghostbusters is so popular was because of the chemistry between the cast.  Ramis, Akroyd, and Murray had worked with each other for years and the movie more or less seemed like an extension of their friendship than actors working together.  I think that’s going to be the biggest challenge for this reboot, a challenge they could have easily avoided by just making this a sequel.

I still don’t get why this movie isn’t Ghostbusters 3.  They didn’t need the old cast really, they could have just had Rey and Winston together (much like the start of Ghostbusters II) where they’re still running the Ghostbusters and are hiring a new generation.  This new generation could have been all females or a mix, but to use that nasty word “reboot” already puts this movie behind and eightball that it didn’t need to be behind, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg that are Sony’s problems when it comes to movies.

Like I said we’ll have to wait and see if this is a good movie, but honestly I would have rather Sony had make a Ghostbusters rip-off than to do another needless reboot.

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